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Ear Aesthetics | Part 5

Ear Anatomy
The ear, which is the organ of hearing, consists of three main parts. outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. In the inner ear is the cochlea, the organ of hearing in the form of a snail. Again, this part contains the stabilizing organ, the vestibule, and the auditory border. In the middle ear, there are three interconnected small bones that receive external sounds from the eardrum and transmit them to the hearing organ. These are the hammer anvil and stirrup. The outer ear consists of the auricle, external auditory canal and eardrum. The auricle directs the sounds coming from outside and transmits them to the ear canal. From here, sounds reach the eardrum.
Ear Aesthetics
Aesthetic ear surgeries are the general name of aesthetic correction surgeries related to the auricle. The appearance of our ears, one of the valuable organs in the facial structure, is the most valuable complement to facial aesthetics. The most common aesthetic disorder in the ear is the mood disorder that is popularly called “scoop ear” or “sail ear”. Aesthetic ear surgery is performed to correct this defect. Apart from the prominent ear, there are other ear problems that can be corrected with plastic surgery. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery also deals with other problems of the auricle. In such cases, it is possible to create a new auricle by removing cartilage from other parts of the body with a series of operations.
What is Prominent Ear?
Prominent ear is a condition in which the auricle is curved forward more than usual. There may be genetic reasons in the formation of prominent ears, and sometimes no cause can be found. The fact that the auricle is more curved forward may appear to be larger than the ear, as the ear is more visible when viewed from the front. The structural cause of prominent ears may be due to the fact that the folds normally found in the ear cartilage are not fully formed and remain flat. The prominent ear appearance emerges from the first age. In the meantime, applications such as wrapping the ears and gluing them with tape will be useless. For this reason, it is necessary to wait for the child to reach the appropriate age for this condition that can be cured by surgery.
Ear Aesthetic Surgery: Ear Aesthetic surgery age is six years and above. At young ages, surgery can be performed under local anesthesia after 13-14 years of age. The surgery is done behind the ear. The skin is cut from the posterior side of the auricle, and the cartilage is opened. The cartilage to be folded is thinned by filing. Then, a fold shape is given with special stitches. The angle and spacing of the auricle with the head are measured while the fold is given. This range can average half to an inch. After that, if there is a pull out on the upper part of the auricle, this is corrected with stitches. If the earlobe is angled too much with the head, special stitches are placed again to pull the earlobe back. After bleeding control, the skin is sutured with self-dissolving sutures. The ear is covered with a dressing and wrapped with a bandage. The dressing is wrapped with light pressure to prevent bleeding.
Questions About Ear Aesthetics
At what age can I have prominent ear surgery? Ear size reaches 90% of adults at the age of 6 years. In order to prevent ear aesthetics from affecting schoolmates’ mental health, surgery can be performed before school starts. In this case, general anesthesia should be given. After this age, surgery can be performed at any age. Surgery can be performed with local anesthesia over the age of 15-16.
Does prominent ear surgery harm the eardrum or hearing? Ear aesthetics does not harm the eardrum or hearing.
Will there be a scar after the operation? A very thin, vague scar remains behind the auricle, which cannot be seen even when viewed from behind.
Will I feel pain in the surgery? A very fine needle (like a vaccine) is injected into the auricle from four points and the whole ear becomes numb. There is no pain in the surgery.
What will be the shape of my ear, will it be obvious that I have surgery? Since the shape of the ear will be completely natural, you will not necessarily have surgery.
When are the stitches removed? Since dissolving stitches are used in the surgery, there is no problem of taking stitches.
When can I shower after the operation? You can wash your head 5 days after the operation. Other parts of the body can be washed before the water touches the operation area.
How long will I wear the hair band? The hair band is put on the day after the surgery by dressing, it is worn for 4-5 days. It is then worn at night for a week.

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