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The majority of aesthetic surgeries are performed after puberty. The most valuable exception to this is the surgery of the prominent ear deformity. Because, unlike other organs, the ears complete 90% of their development around 5 years of age. We, plastic surgeons, have been performing ear correction surgery since this age. This situation, which can be a source of ridicule, especially in school-age children, can cause significant mental and social problems and affect school success.

We evaluate the condition, which is popularly called ‘scoop’ and ‘sail ear’, not as a disease but as a purely aesthetic disorder. Since the ear folds are not formed properly, the angle it makes with the head may be wider than usual. In this case, the ears are perceived to be larger than they should be. However, although the size of the ear is the same, the difference in the form of the cartilage causes misconception. Prominent ear occurs with congenital and familial factors.

Surgery should be considered, especially if school-age children have problems with deformation in their ears due to negative reflections from the environment. If you feel that your child has such a problem, you should first consult a specialist in the field of child psychology. If the specialist also recommends the surgery, the person who will help you is plastic surgeons. The wishes of the patients who apply after puberty are sufficient for surgery.

It is valuable that the surgeon and the family inform the child together about the operation. A brief and understandable explanation should be given about what to do, what to experience, and the consequences. This is necessary in order to have a comfortable post-operative period and to avoid worries.

Ear plastic surgeries are easy, easy and day-to-day surgeries.


The operation is performed under hospital conditions. Depending on the condition of the person to be operated, local or general anesthesia can be applied. A small incision is made just behind the ear. By entering through this incision, the ear cartilages are shaped with permanent sutures within 1-1.5 hours, and the skin is closed with dissolvable sutures. Because the incision is just behind the ear, the scars are simply hidden. The patient is discharged on the same day. The bandages are opened after 2-3 days and the patient can be washed. It is recommended to protect the ears with a tennis band or hair band for 10 days after the surgery.

The surgeon’s experience is valuable in these operations. Since it is a bilateral organ, symmetry must be ensured and the ear angle must be calculated appropriately.

A well-performed prominent ear surgery makes a great contribution to the improvement of the patient’s psychology and being enjoyable.

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