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Endopeel in short:
Endopeel is a medical lifting procedure, the raw material of which is obtained from peanuts and consists of fatty acids. Carbolic acid is the active ingredient of Endopeel, which is a method that reduces wrinkles and sagging, which is applied to the face and neck region and various parts of the body, which has been increasingly used in recent years.

Endopeel percent; It can be applied to the entire face for lifting, as it is used to remove wrinkle lines on the forehead, around the lips and above. In addition, sagging under the chin and in its length are also analyzed. Applications such as décolleté lifting, recovery of upper arm sagging, recovery of belly, hip, butt and inner thigh sagging, and tensioning of cellulite skin can be done with Endopeel. In the appearance of cellulite, rapid smoothing is provided in the orange skin. The skin looks ironed or exfoliated.

Endopeel application:
Endopeel is injected into the muscle tissue of the area where sagging or wrinkle removal is desired. When starting Endopeel, local anesthetic creams are used to reduce the pain that may occur due to injection. Depending on the width of the area to be applied, the total process time of Endopeel is around 15-30 minutes. It also improves the physical quality of the skin. It creates an alternative to the ways that provide skin tightening with chemical means. The changes in the muscles are quickly completely restored.

It can be used to lift the lower hip fat, reduce the width of the hip, and improve the skin quality of the hip area. It can also be used to provide a more youthful tension to the hip area, but this effect occurs after 30 minutes and becomes most beautiful after 3 hours.

Instant rejuvenation!
The effect of Endopeel begins to be seen within half an hour and its effect lasts around 8 months. Maintenance therapy with low-dose Endopeel can be given two months later to allow the effect to last longer.

Is Endopeel a suitable system for everyone?
endopeel; It can be applied to pregnant women, individuals under the age of 18, those with severe peanut allergy, herpes infections and individuals with cardiomyopathy. Edema may develop at the application site, especially during the first application, but not very often. This situation passes after a short time. By avoiding hot drinks on the day of the application, not taking heavy sunbathing for three days, and using vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and sunscreen creams, both the activity is kept in an ideal state and swelling in the application area is prevented.

* It is a medical lifting consisting of fatty acids.
• It can be used with all skin types.
* Applies to both men and women.
• Endopeel does not have a burning or painful effect.
* The application takes around 30 minutes.
• Increases the availability of healthy skin for sequential treatments.
* It does not require anesthesia and hospital conditions.
*After the application, it is returned to normal life quickly.
*The effect lasts for an average of 8 months.

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