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Endoscopic Face Lift

This is one of the most well-known applications of plastic surgery. Endoscopy since the mid-90s

It is used in plastic surgery and has almost revolutionized plastic surgery in recent years.

Who Is This Surgery Suitable For?

Any patient with drooping cheeks, forehead and eyebrows due to aging can benefit from this surgery.

In addition, this operation is sometimes applied to very young patients with structurally drooping cheeks.

and very impressive results.

However, this surgery cannot treat sagging skin. In this case, removal of the excess skin

This is possible with classical face lift surgery. Mostly 50 years old

There is excess skin on the face and it is necessary to perform both operations together.

Complications and Possible Problems:

The possibility of significant bleeding after this surgery is almost negligible. little blood that could be

accumulations (hematoma) will not create a significant problem.

If mid-face surgery is performed with the aim of cheek lifting, infection may be seen after this surgery.

It is one of the most valuable complications. Since almost half of the surgery is done through the mouth, there is a germ from here.

The possibility of getting caught is always possible. However, this probability is expected to be less than 5 percent. is inflammation

In rare cases, surgical evacuation of the inflammation may be required in addition to antibiotic therapy. But this

Such infections get better quickly if treated properly.

Asymmetry: In this surgery, the fact that one of the sutures hanging the tissues does not perform its duty properly causes asymmetry.

it could be. In this case, it may need to be put back through this suture.

Loss of sensation is also an expected problem after this surgery. Loss of sensation in the upper lip and forehead

it will usually go away after a few weeks. It can rarely be encountered with losses that last for months.

Temporary hair loss may also occur rarely. But the hair and the feeling will definitely come back.

What to Expect After the Surgery?

The first change you will see on your face after this surgery will be swelling. This is not an open surgery.

You don’t have visible stitches, but because it is a deep process, it may cause some swelling.

will be.

If you only had forehead or eyebrow surgery, after a week everything is almost completely normal.

will return. However, after midface surgeries, smoothing takes longer. Return to work is often first

possible at the end of the week.

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