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Eyebrow Aesthetics

One of the most valuable areas in terms of the external appearance of individuals is our eyebrows and eyes. The appearance and form of the eyebrows is one of the issues that almost all women spend power at the beginning of the day. The structure of the eyebrows has a very critical value in determining the form of the face. The appearance of the eyebrows can increase the attractiveness of the eyes and make them seem unattractive. At this point, it is valuable that the eyebrows are in the form of a slightly raised arc in terms of making the eyes attractive. Eyebrows that contain this feature show individuals younger and more vigorous. This is exactly what is intended with Eyebrow Aesthetics.

In fact, the structure and taste of how many people differ from person to person. However, the eyebrow form we have described above is a pleasant eyebrow form that is accepted by everyone. This appearance exhibits a very natural appearance by the society. The eyebrows should be slightly above the eye socket and should be neither long nor short. The brow lift process can be performed with or without surgery.

Brow Lift with Eyebrow Strap

Aesthetic eyebrow suspension is an application that is usually performed using a local anesthesia system. Thanks to a small cut in the hair part, the stitches passed through the skin can bring the middle-outer part of the eyebrow part to an upturned shape. One of the reasons for using this technique is that the person who survived the operation can return to his/her home after the process is completed and a few inspections are made. This process has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the eyebrow, which is brought to the raised position, can return to its original state after a while. In the middle of 6 months to 2 years, eyebrows can return to their original shape.

Brow Lift with Ultherapy

This procedure is a system that laser technique cannot provide analysis and can solve the stretching process, which only results with surgical intervention, without any risk without the smoothing process being too long. It is the name of the system that stimulates the subcutaneous part with augmented ultrasound rays without the operation process and prevents sagging and lubrication. Thanks to this process, which brings a new breath to non-surgical face lift applications, individuals can obtain eyebrows of desired thickness, length and elevation. As a result of the Ultherapy Brow Lift application, individuals who have the eyebrow structure they want can quickly return to their homes. Considering the duration of the process, it is a very efficient application. Because this formula can be applied in a period of 15 minutes. As a result of the operation, although the effect of the process on the eyebrows can be seen quickly, the main effect will be seen in the next 2-3 months.

Brow Lift with Botox-Filling

As a result of this process applied around the eye organ, the ends of the eyebrows appear raised at the desired level. The effects of this process vary from person to person. This is due to the facial structure of individuals. However, the main purpose is to achieve a light and natural-looking raised eyebrow. When Botox application is applied to the forehead area, it is sufficient for the name of eyebrow thickness. These applications can be supported by other aesthetic methods.

Surgical (Surgical) Brow Lift

During the surgical brow lift process, very small incisions are made around the eyes of the individuals. Fat injection practices are performed through these incisions. For the Surgical Brow Lift process, it is possible for the patient to return to their homes after the application. The stitches that are thrown do not leave any traces in any form.

Eyebrow Vine

During the application of this method, local anesthesia is sufficient. The hanging process of individuals’ hairlines is carried out through an incision made from the forehead. As a result of this process, the stitches stay on the body for a while. Remaining stitch marks is not a matter of words. The desired results are quickly achieved immediately.

Eyebrow lift with fat injection

Eyebrow Lifting process is the method of transferring the fat taken from another part of the body to that area. Unless there are many weight changes, the method gives definite results.

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