Recent technological advances are also developing in hair and eyebrow cultivation. Sowing methods applied in aesthetic centers are performed after a maximum of 1 hour. Planting is done by a method called FUE technique. The hair removed from certain parts of the body in eyebrows is performed with a small tool called micro-motor. The bristles, which are more preferred to be removed from the neck, provide a definitive solution to the problem of eyebrows after sowing.


Eyebrow Loss Pre-Treatment

Eyebrows spills are extremely uncomfortable, especially in women. It is also seen as a symptom of a number of discomforts, as it occurs in the problem of correct use of cosmetic products. Eyebrows before the treatment of eyebrows need to be investigated for what reasons. Eyebrows caused by medical discomfort may be restored after the discomfort of the eyebrows. Before starting the treatment of eyebrows, its source must be investigated.

Determination of Spill Cause

Hair and eyebrows can be caused by many causes. These;

  • Hormonal causes
  • Causes of anemia and blood diseases
  • Dermatitis and fungal infections
  • Spills after chemotherapy
  • Spills caused by ringworm and eyebrow breaking
  • There are many diseases that cause eyebrows and hair loss.
  • Treatment of these diseases as a result of the eyebrows and hair spills in a short period of time is returned. What is important is the identification of the pathological source of hair and eyebrows.


After Eyebrow Loss Treatment

Eyebrow spills, after the cause of the spillage of any medical disease, after the completion of medical treatment procedures, the eyebrows begin to emerge after a certain period of time and return to the former. However, there is a possibility that the eyebrows may not come out after the spill. In this case, eyebrows can be removed with a lot of eyebrows by means of other aesthetic procedures or surgical procedures.

Eyebrows Removal Time

One of the basic conditions for having healthy eyebrows is care. Eyebrows should be done by trained beauty experts. Otherwise, the miscarriage of the wronged eyebrows causes many women to be upset. Eyebrows grow more quickly and more uniformly and aesthetically when taken by experts. The length of elongation on the eyebrows may vary from person to person. The lengthening of the eyebrows varies between 7 days and 10 days.

Care of the new eyebrows

The eyebrows, taken by well-groomed and expert people, give a pleasant expression to the face. Therefore, the care of the eyebrows should always be done at regular intervals. There are simple rules to be followed to have beautiful and well-kept eyebrows. These rules are;

Use good quality tweezers to give good shape to eyebrows

Brush your eyebrows at regular intervals every day. You can use your finished mascara brushes for this.
1 or 2 times per week by prolonging the serum in a short time and can make the thunder.
There are natural oils that make the eyebrows grow faster and become thicker. On certain days of the week, massaging natural eyebrows with eyebrows allows you to have healthy eyebrows.



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