Eyebrows and aesthetic analysis

Anatomical definitions used in eyebrow and eye relations;

Anatomy in the evaluation of eyelids and eyebrows

1 a; iris, 1b; limbus (round line separating iris and sclera), 2; sclera (white part of the eye), 3; medial canthus;(inner corner of the eye), 4; lateral canthus(outer corner of the eye), 5a; lower eyelid, 5b; free bleed of the lower eyelid, 6a; upper eyelid, 6b; free edge of the upper eyelid, 7; upper eyelid crease line, 8a; the inner part of the eyebrow, 8b; middle part of the eyebrow, 8c; outer part of the brow, tail of the brow

Eyebrows have a valuable place in the word of the face. Raising the eyebrows too high indicates surprise and surprise, raising the middle part of the eyebrow shows unwanted surprise, pulling the inner parts of the eyebrows closer together, and lifting the outer part shows anger.

Although eyebrows vary with ethnic characteristics, gender and fashion trends, they have aesthetic standards.

1. Form and placement of eyebrows; The eyebrows are located on the upper bone structure of the eye socket with a slight slope. The inner and middle part of the eyebrow is thicker than the outer part. Males are in this placement and slightly straight. In women, on the other hand, it is placed slightly above compared to men and is more angled in the form of gull wing.

Male female muscle location

The eyebrow shapes in the middle of men and women are also different.

Muscle difference in men and women

2. Percent location of eyebrows; (the middle of the inner corners of both eyes – if the intercanthal distance is normal) the inner point of the eyebrow is exactly in line with the inner corner of the eye and starts just above or slightly below the upper orbital bone. The middle part is just above the upper orbital bone. The outer part runs above the upper orbital bone and ends at the line connecting the nose wing and the outer corner of the eye. When looking at the face from the opposite side, the eyebrow should be 10 mm above the inner corner of the eye.

Ideal muscle limits

3. Slight angulation of the eyebrow; In men, the eyebrows are slightly inclined but do not show angulation, while in women, the eyebrows show a slight angulation at the outer edge of the iris-lumbus.

muscle soreness

4. There is an angle of 10–20° in the middle of the inner and outer corners of the eyebrow.

5. The distance between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid fold line is 1.6 cm.

6. The mean gap between the eyebrow and the pupil is 2.5 cm.

7. The distance between the eyebrow and the front hairline is 5-6 cm.

The thickness of the eyebrow is as valuable as its form.

If it is thinner than 0.5 cm, it is too thin.

0.6 cm is thin

0.6-0.9 cm is medium

If it is thicker than 0.9 cm, thick eyebrow definition is used.

The length of the eyebrow is also valuable.

muscle length

It is evaluated as the intermediate eyebrow length in the middle of the i point of the eyebrow-A and the outer point of the eyebrow-B. If the AB is 6 cm or more, it is defined as a long eyebrow, and if it is shorter than 3.8 cm, it is defined as a short eyebrow.

Today, eyebrow forms change with the understanding of fashion, but in comparative shape studies, eyebrow states have been determined compared to the head state.

muscle shapes

Eyebrow shapes in women

Muscle structure in men

eyebrow shapes for men

According to the shape of the face, eyebrow shapes should be applied. Facial forms in men and women quickly become almost one-to-one.

The gap between the eyebrows and the middle of the eye is precious. As the eyebrows get closer to the eyes, the eyes appear larger than usual. It’s about to be perceived as very large as the sun appears on the horizon as it sets.

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