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Eyelid aesthetic

Eye contact is highly valued in human bonding. No matter how competent you feel, tired

looks will affect your interests.

Eyelid aesthetics, which causes you to look old and look more tired than you feel, and

more than usual skin or skin on your lower or upper eyelids that obstruct your vision or even

is the process of removing fat bags. Genetic factors and heavy work life

are the most important factors in its formation.

Correction of this problem is to make the eyes and even the whole facial expression more lively, effective, young, beautiful.

and makes it look dynamic. Only the wear of the eyelids over the years

Removal of excess upper lids in congenital Asian eye types is different.

methods can be made.

Eyelid aesthetics, face lift or neck lift, midface as it can be done alone

It can also be performed together with facial operations such as surgical interventions.

In some individuals, during the upper eyelid aesthetics, depending on the person’s structure, eyebrow sagging and

eyebrow or temporalis with different procedures to eliminate sagging in the temporal region

removal is mandatory.

If there is sagging in the middle of the face, mid-face lifting method is also used for lower eyelid aesthetics.

we can add.

In individuals who require additional systems, these processes also extend the life of the eyelid operation.

increases. Under local anesthesia, without cutting the hair, stitching, which is opened through the hair,

upper eyelid abutment suture with a special material, by entering through small holes that do not require

makes. In this way, the wrinkles around the eye are reduced to some extent, and the skin around the eye is removed.

agglomeration is also reduced.

For those with obvious gaps in the lower eyelid and drooping cheeks, lower the lower eyelid to ensure integrity.

eyelid abutment suture is performed. By reducing the sagging in the cheek area only with the needle,

It also contributes to the treatment of the under-eye cavity. Our patients after the application

they can return to their social life by covering this area with their hair. light in hair

The puffiness disappears in 2 weeks. This material, which remains under the skin, melts on its own and causes harm to the body.

disappears without it. During this time, as a result of temple stretching, it continues to be seen.

is done. It gives an image of stretching on the side of the eyes without raising too much eyebrows.

It is very enjoyable for our ladies to get the exact result without collecting their hair.

Before the operation: As there are different operation techniques, the person’s structure and

complaint should be clearly defined.

Anesthesia: Eyelid operations are usually performed under local anesthesia, sedation

can be added. With this type of anesthesia, the area around the eyes is numbed. Orally or intravenously

Tranquilizers are also used. During the operation you will be half awake but in a relaxed state.

In this position you will not feel any pain.

Operation: It is possible to apply 3 different procedures in eyelid surgeries:

* In upper eyelid surgery, the incision is from the skin fold on the lid so that the scar is not clear; lower eye

on the lids, it is quickly made under the eyelashes. The fat that forms the bags from these incisions

bags are removed or excess skin that has sagged is removed. A very fine suture is made.

* In some people with only slight bagging on the lower eyelid, the operation may be performed on the eyelid.

performed from within. This is called transconjunctival blepharoplasty. This technique removes adipose tissue

allows to take without leaving any trace.

* In some individuals, CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser can be used for very fine lines on the skin. End

With the developments in the eyelids, the loosening of the eyelids has just begun with the application of radiofrequency.

can be solved without surgery.

The operation is usually performed within a time period of 1-1.5 hours. With the size of the operation

is dependent. With small bands that do not close the eyes and are placed on the upper and lower eyelids.

removed from the operation.

After the operation: It is necessary to protect the eyes well for the first 24-48 hours. redness of the eyelids,

There may be swelling and sensitivity to light. These pass in a few days. Stitches are removed in 4 – 7 days.

Since the incision on the eyelids is in the natural crease of the eye, the scar of the operation is quite unknown.

It becomes appropriately obscure in the months following surgery. Wet compresses on the eyelids

can be done.

Keeping your head elevated for a few days and cold compresses to reduce swelling

recommended. Reading and watching TV for longer periods 2 days after the operation

You can start. However, it is recommended not to wear your contact lenses for 2 weeks.

Many people go out within 2-4 days after the operation and return to work in 5-7 days.

They feel ready to return.

We recommend you to use sunglasses in the first period when you go out.


If your tired eyes have just started or you cannot spare time for the operation, alternative

solutions can be planned for you.

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