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Eyelid aesthetic

Time shows its effect most clearly around the eyes. Since the skin in this area is sensitive and thin, it is the first place where the traces of aging begin. Sometimes the excess skin on the upper eyelid bothers the person so much that even make-up looks wicked in this excess skin tissue. Sometimes this eyelid problem may be accompanied by bagging. These can occur due to aging, as well as genetically, they can occur in the late 20s.

The excess on the eyelid can be removed with one application. Depending on the effects on the person, eyelid aesthetics can be performed only on the upper lids or on all 4 lids together with the lower parts.

The patient is asked to stop taking blood thinners one week before the operation. Before the operation, photographs of the region are taken, a snap test application and an outpatient operation are planned. Local anesthesia is generally preferred in eyelid operations. During the application, the excess skin is removed and then, if necessary, the adipose tissue is intervened and the muscle tissue is tightened. Repairs are made with aesthetic stitches.

Eyelid aesthetics is a long-term application and the person does not need to repeat the application after this operation. The operation takes an average of 1 hour and the patient comes out of the operation with tiny bands on his eyes. On the 7th day, the stitches are removed and on the 8th day, the person can start to put on make-up. At the end of the 15th day, edema and bruises are largely gone.

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