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In forehead and face lift operations, which are generally applied to men and women over the age of 40,
sagging and wrinkles due to aging are removed. To achieve this, the elasticity of the skin
must not be lost. With this application, the lines that become evident in the forehead, mouth and nose areas
sagging on the eyelids, cheeks and chin contour is eliminated. Elmacik
in displacements due to aging, such as real sliding adipose tissue from bones to cheeks, tissues
they are moved to their new places or systems such as oil injections and silicone prostheses are applied.

How is the operation done?
In the facelift operation, the scope is determined according to personal needs and expectations. with general anesthesia
In the operation, incisions are made on the scalp, behind the ear and at the junction of the ear and cheek. This
This way, traces are hidden.

In the forehead lift operation, a thin incision is made from the scalp line where the forehead and hair meet.
open and the skin is stretched. After the excess skin is cut and removed, the skin is taut and sutured to the scalp.
the operation is completed.

Treatment Process
After the surgery, a head wrap is applied in the form of leaving eyes, nose and mouth open and cold is applied to the cheeks.
pads are placed. Silicone tubes can be placed in order to prevent blood accumulation in the tissue and two
removed within the day. The dressings are completely removed within 3 days, and the stitches are removed in 5-7 days. In this process
Hair can be washed.

The patient stands up from the second day and after a week, the swelling subsides and is normal.
returns to his life. Heavy exercises and too much sunlight should be avoided for two months.
Obviously, not taking a shower for a while, and with very hot water within 1 week from the time the shower is free.
Not washing is valuable.

It is valuable not to force the stitches, to make dressings, not to sleep on your face, not to tilt your head forward.

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