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Face Lift Aesthetics


Aging is a natural process. Today, the prolongation of human lifespan brings with it the desire to live healthy and pleasant and to grow old. People who enjoy life, love themselves and take part in an active social life do not like to see the signs of aging brought about by time because the soul does not age. A wrinkled and loose dress, that is, loose and sagging skin on a young soul, does not look appropriate at all, we become alienated from ourselves. This is where plastic surgery comes into play. More pleasant and enjoyable images are created with applications for lines on the face, deterioration in skin quality, skin abundance and volume losses. However, it should not be forgotten that it is not possible to turn back the time completely, but it is possible to achieve very satisfactory results with the selected interventions made to the necessary regions with today’s contemporary techniques.

Face lift (rhytidectomy), or ‘face lift’ in English, is a surgical way to remove aging-related sagging and wrinkles by stretching and hanging them. As a person ages, the facial skin sags, wrinkles, and various spots and irregularities occur on it due to the effects of years, sun rays, daily stresses and other factors (smoking, alcohol, bad nutrition). An elderly percentage; There is a scene where the forehead lines are evident, the eyebrows are drooped, the eyelids are drooping, bags and lines are formed under the eyes, deep lines are formed in the mouth-nose area, the cheeks are drooping, the chin contours are lost, the neck is oily and the skin curtains are formed.

With a facelift, sagging and irregularities in the face and neck skin are eliminated; The excess fat tissue in length is removed, facial fascia and fat tissues are pulled to their anatomical places and suspended, facial tissues are supported. This surgery is effective from the bottom of the temple area, and it is an operation that mostly helps to smooth the lower parts of the face and its length. During the facelift, if necessary, the mid-face area is intervened and the soft tissues that have migrated down the cheekbones are suspended in their places. The volume losses on the face that occur with aging can be replaced with fat injections.

Ideal individuals who are candidates for facelift surgery are those whose face and neck skin has begun to sag, but whose skin has not yet lost its elasticity, and who do not have other health problems. This surgery is usually applied to men and women over the age of 40. However, due to structural and genetic reasons, this type of surgery can be performed in full or in a limited manner at earlier ages. During facelift surgery, nose and eyelid aesthetics, forehead correction, eyebrow lifting operations can also be added to make the face look nicer and younger. For fine wrinkles, injection of fillers (oil, hyaluronic acid, etc.) or peeling (mechanical, chemical, laser) and botox for wrinkles can be done.


When you have a problem with facial aging and sagging and are considering surgery, first discuss with yourself what you want and why, and then consult a plastic surgeon. Tell your wishes and expectations to your doctor one by one and discuss them with him. If you are smoking or using vitamin E, definitely quit 10 days before the surgery. Inform your doctor about your sunbathing and skin care habits, and do not forget to ask what you need to do after the surgery in order for the surgery to give a more permanent result. If necessary, discuss the issue with your doctor several times.


The operation is performed under hospital conditions, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, in the operating room. As it can be done with general anesthesia, intravenous sedation (accompanied by sedative drugs) can also be performed with local anesthesia. Facelift surgery takes about 1.5-2 hours, but if additional surgeries are planned, the time will be longer. It is possible to go to the house one-on-one, but it is usually appropriate to stay in the hospital for 1 night. Additional processes (nose, eyelids, etc.) can be done in the same session. Facelift surgery is not scarless. But these traces are not obvious because they are hidden. The scars are hidden in the scalp in the temple area, behind the protrusion in front of the ear and behind the ear.


The early postoperative period is usually comfortable. There may be a general swelling of the face and minimal bruising, numbness and a feeling of tightness. There may be slight asymmetries on the face as the end of the face may be slightly affected by anesthesia during the surgery. These pass ex officio within 3-5 days. A special face corset and cold pads are applied to the cheeks, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth open. In order to prevent the accumulation of blood in the tissue, silicone pipes called drains can be placed. The resistors are withdrawn the next day. The dressing is completely opened after 4-5 days. General inspection and dressing change. Hair can be washed during this period. Stitches are not removed as they are of the dissolving type. If there are metal staples that have only been used in the scalp, they are removed after 7-8 days.

If it is done in accordance with the surgical technique, it gives good results. Rarely, second corrections may be necessary. From the 2nd day after the operation, the patient can stand up and do his work in the house. After a week, the patient can return to work and put on make-up after the swelling subsides. It is recommended to avoid heavy exercises and sun exposure for 2 months and to protect it from external impacts. The newly given form to the face and neck skin lasts for 5-10 years, sometimes for a lifetime, depending on the person’s structure and environmental conditions.

Today, thanks to the development of surgical and anesthetic techniques, facelift surgery has become an operation with adequate results and a rapid return to social life. The experience and aesthetic tastes of your physician who will perform this surgery are valuable in determining the result.

A successful facelift operation will provide you with a more pleasant and youthful promise.

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