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Fat Injection Procedure


Fat injection is the injection of fat cells taken from one place to another place with a needle. The place taken is mostly the abdomen. The given fat cells continue to live in their new places, where they act as a filling issue. The success of fat injection depends on the survival of the injected cells. If the given cells die, after a few weeks all the filling effect disappears. In short, dead fat melts.


There are many different techniques and tools for injecting fat. Basically, fats are taken with special liposuction injectors and transferred to another injector and injected into their new places. In both stages, there is no need to make cuts and stitches, and local anesthesia is sufficient.


The success of this process depends entirely on the tools and technique used. Until recent years, it was almost a rule to melt the fat given. However, there has been a significant progress in the last few years and the probability of retention of the given oils has increased significantly. For example, the inside of the needle I used to take the oils is specially prepared and gold-plated. The purpose is to fix the metal burrs that may be inside the cannula and to cover the surface with an alloy that will cause the least damage to the cells, namely gold. There are also many details such as the fact that the cells taken do not come into contact with the air, the dimensions of the injectors to which the oils are supplied, and the pressure you apply. However, the most valuable tools are the tools and I am sure that the oils I will give without them will melt.


It is often used on the face area. A measure of fat can be given with the aim of thickening the lips, eliminating the deep wrinkles on the corner of the mouth, filling the cheekbones and even enlarging the lower jaw a little. Oils are also frequently used with the aim of correcting the form of the hips and correcting liposuction deformities that have been done before and have caused collapses. This process can also be applied after some accidents. For example, if there is a depression in the forehead area, it can be filled with oil.

PROCEDURE: It is not easy to call this an operation. I can say that it is a small mid-surgery size with a process like botox. However, it is useful to do it in an operating room environment. The process actually takes about 20 minutes. However, the preparation of the oils taken takes at least that much, and the total respite can approach one hour. Local anesthesia is always sufficient.


Even if it is low, there may be an infection. In this case, small abscesses can be seen in that area. Antibiotics and dressings will suffice as treatment. The most common problem will be the melting of fats. It is very rare to see asymmetry as the given fats melt eternally homogeneously. In other words, if the oils on the left side of your lip have melted, the ones on the right will also melt to the same extent. Melting fat does not cause any health problems and the process can be repeated if desired.


Fats are definitely melting, are we going to repeat this job every three months?
We hope that the fats will not melt while giving. If they melt with a low probability, the process can be repeated. However, the aim is to do this process once and not to repeat it.

Will there be thinning in the places where fat is removed?
No. The measurements taken are so small that you cannot see a difference in the place taken.


  • After the operation, there is some edema in the areas where fat is injected. Especially the lips look bigger than they are. Don’t panic. Your lips, which look huge after the process, will shrink after a few days and take their real shape.
  • Melting is usually evident at the end of the first month. The process can be repeated in the second month.
  • If too much oil has been given to an area, you can melt the fat with a systematic and strong massage in the first weeks.


After the procedure, there will be swelling in the area where the fat is injected. This takes a few days. Just as you can go to your home the next day, if you are not bothered by swelling, you can return to work the next day. You can start sports after a week.

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