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Fat Injection

Fat injection is used as a filling material in the operations of removing the wrinkles that occur mostly on the face, lifting the upper eyelids and eliminating the under-eye bags, giving volume to the lips, and enlarging the breasts in addition to the cheek and jowl region. In addition to eliminating the deformities of the body and face, fat injection is performed to eliminate the collapses caused by very thinness. Fat injection operations used in wrinkles and deformities caused by old age are applications that give results in a short time and make the person ten years younger.

How to Apply Fat Injection

Fat injection, which is carried out under local anesthesia in a hygienic environment, first begins with the patient’s expectations and the physician’s meeting at a common point about the processes that can be done. Thin or blunt-ended cannulas of different sizes are used for each region where the fat injection will be made. Although the duration of the fat injection operation varies according to the region where the injection will be made, it is in the middle of about 40 to 60 minutes. For the swelling that will occur in the patient after the process, the patient is asked to stay away from too much steam and heat for a while, while it passes within two days.

Durability Time of Oil Filler Oil Injection

It is useful to repeat this process from time to time, as the duration of fat filling in the area where the fat filling is injected is mostly 8 months. On the other hand, it is a known fact that fat injections applied especially around the eyes are permanent and do not melt. It is also known that oil injections prepared with appropriate solutions lose their effect over time when applied to the face area, but have a reparative feature, especially in removing wrinkles. While it is observed that fat injection loses its feature more in areas where mimic movements are high, it is known that the melting time of fat injection is even longer in areas with limited movement area. Since it is a completely natural device, the fact that no side effects or allergic reactions are observed in the patient after oil filling has been effective in increasing the interest in fat injection in recent years.

Fat Injection Application Areas

  • Percent Cheek, Nose and Lip
  • in hands
  • Enlargement and delineation of the chin
  • The temple (forehead) area
  • After liposuction fat removal
  • in scar correction
  • For correcting contour disorders in the body

The process of removing stubborn fat from certain parts of the body with the liposuction method and then going through various processes and using it as a filling device in the troubled area of ​​the person is called fat injection. Fat injection, which is mostly used in facelift operations and breast augmentation surgeries, is one of the aesthetic operations that is easy and easy to apply. Since there is no risk of scarring in fat injections made without opening the incision, it has a very natural image since it is not certain that the intervention is done when viewed from the outside. Thanks to the filling device, which is made from one’s own body fat at the same time, allergic events are not encountered in fat injections.

Apart from aging, fat injection, which is applied to fill some areas that move away from their old healthy image due to deformations, is carried out by taking some of the regional stubborn fat of the person into tubes, passing it through various solutions and making it a filling material with the developing technology. The fat filling used for filling some areas on the face and body is completely natural as it consists of its own body fat and is not considered foreign by the body. Fats used as fillers are mostly created by removing abdominal fat with the help of special cannulas.

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