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Fat Injection (Oil Filling Application)

Fat Injection (Oil Filling Application)

Another name for this process is “Fat Filling Application”. Fat injection application finds a wide place in cosmetic surgery. Moreover, it has an increasing popularity nowadays. For plastic surgeons, the most pleasant filling issue that tolerates deformed areas in the body is fat. For this reason, it has a wide application area.

Fat injection is used for rejuvenation, especially in the hands and face. Fat cells are injected into the needed area and continue to live in that area, taking on the task of a proper filling. If these injected fat cells die, its fullness effect disappears. That’s why the techniques and tools to be applied in the fat injection process are of great importance.

There is a chance to benefit from many techniques in the application phase of fat injection. Of these techniques, your surgeon should apply the procedure that will give the least damage to the fat cells and is suitable for you. The most demanded part of the body for fat injection is the face. Because with the advancement of age, the amount of fat on the person’s face decreases and sagging occurs over time.

What is done in Fat Injection?

In the application of fat injection, what is actually done to the face; percent is to support the areas with reduced fat. In the oil injection system; Fat support is provided to the parts with reduced fat percentage. Thus, the skin becomes fuller, more vibrant, younger and more aesthetic. Although some individuals are young, volume losses or weakness may occur in the skin of the person due to the soft tissue or bone structure on their faces. In such cases, oil injection is appropriate.

Fat injection process; It is applied to parts of the body that have decreased tissue volume. This process provides long-lasting results that provide a natural appearance to the individual as well as being faithful. The fat to be injected into the person is passed through a special process after being taken from the person’s own body. In this process, the fat cannulas are put into the appropriate form to the area to be injected. Achieving the desired result in these applications sometimes requires several repetitions. However, since the applied tissues are the person’s own tissue, it is not expected that the body will reject it or give a negative reaction.

Fat Injection Areas

Fat injection, especially in the face area; enlargement of the lip, lower jaw, arrangement of the forehead, removal of scars and applied on the hands. It is also used to eliminate contour defects on the skin.

Some mishaps are sometimes heard about the melting rates of the fats injected into the body. In this respect; In case the oils are taken with appropriate techniques and tools, the integrity of most of them is preserved. But of course, the main factor is the body structure of the person. If an obvious meltdown is detected, the process needs to be repeated. There is no thinning in the part where the oil is taken. Because the amount of fat taken is very small.

Preparation for Implementation and Implementation Phase

Persons who have decided to have an application are informed by their physicians. In this information phase, it is said that aspirin and its derivatives should be discontinued 1 week before. If you have a medication that you are always using, you should inform your doctor about it. After getting enough information about drug use, the treatment step is started.

In the treatment phase, firstly, photographs of the area to be treated are taken. Wherever the oil to be injected behind will be injected; this can be the abdomen, waist, face or any part of the body. The adipose tissue to be used is taken by means of special vacuum cannulas. This adipose tissue is subjected to a special process. It is then injected into the appropriate place through special tips. This process can be applied alone or combined with other operations.

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