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Fat Injection to the Face

What is Autogenous Fat Graft?

The process of re-injecting the fat tissue taken from the person’s own body is called ‘Autogenous Fat Graft Application’. Sufficient amount of adipose tissue can be removed under local anesthesia from around the navel, waist or middle of the leg. After being separated from the plasma and washed, it is injected into the desired areas as a filler.

In Which Situations Are Facial Fat Injections Applied?

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It is applied in the middle of 30-45 years in order to restore fullness in patients with skin thinning and sagging skin.
– It is applied in combination with a rope sling in patients with obvious sagging and volume loss on the face, but mania for surgical treatment.
– It is applied in combination with the aim of making the result more obvious in facelift and mid-facelift surgeries.
It is used to fill deep cavities in the middle of the eyebrow, forehead, nose wing-lip edge.
It is used for thickening the lips, correcting the midface collapse, eliminating facial asymmetries and eliminating traumatic scars.

While approximately half of the fat tissue applied to the treated area melts, the other half continues its life. Therefore, during the first process, approximately twice the desired size is applied. For this reason, the face appears more swollen and edematous than usual for the first 2 weeks after fat injections. Smoking significantly reduces the amount of fat that will adhere to the tissue. Therefore, smoking is not recommended before and after the process.

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