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The fat taken from areas where fat accumulation is heavy, such as the abdomen or hips, is obtained from special procedures.
It is the process of giving it to the necessary place after it is passed. If it is to be taken in small sizes and from a single area, local
can be done under anesthesia. If it is necessary to remove excess fat from more than one area, with sedation or
It is more convenient to do it under general anesthesia. Since approximately 50% of the given measure will melt, it is too much.
To give a sufficient amount and repeating the procedure intermittently will ensure that the result is more sufficient.

Areas of Use:

A) Facial Area

It is used to remove the hollows on the cheeks and cheekbones. Also her lips
It is also useful for thickening and removing fine lines on the lips. in other areas of the face
To correct the depressions that have arisen as a result of a random trauma or operation, the chin tip
also for the correction of permanent wrinkles in the middle of the two eyebrows or on the lips.

B) Breast Augmentation

In cases where the breasts are smaller than usual, the breast with classically applied silicone prostheses
As an alternative to the augmentation method, fat injection can be made. Fat injection with prosthesis operation
can be done together.

C) Hip Aesthetics

Some individuals may have structural dimples on their hips. These pits are made by oil injection.
It can be filled and provides a more aesthetic appearance of the hips.

C) Leg aesthetics

In some individuals, the legs may be thin, which may cause them to appear crooked. This look is fat
can be corrected by injection.

D) Ankles

In individuals with very thin ankles, oil injection can provide harmony with the other parts of the leg.

E) Genital Aesthetics

In women, depression can sometimes be seen in the upper part of the clitoris or on the large lips. In such cases
Also, the collapse can be removed with oil injection.

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