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Fat Removal with Vaser Lipo Method

Over time, due to the sedentary lifestyle and the foods consumed, the problem of regional lubrication occurs in individuals. Since this situation causes a situation that is not liked as an image in terms of physics, efficient results are obtained with the liposuction process to be performed in the areas that cause setbacks in terms of proportions. The degreasing process is frequently used in areas where lubrication is heavy, especially in the hips, legs, hips, waist and back. Vaser lipo technique, which gives effective results, allows you to get rid of the fat cells that cannot be melted with sports or diet by finding and breaking the stereotyped fat cells and throwing them out.

The nose structure can vary according to the facial proportions of everyone. In some cases, the development of a larger or crooked shape than it should be may cause discomfort to the people. As it may be a congenital problem, deterioration in the structure may occur over time due to external factors. Rhinoplasty provides successful results in this area. Thanks to many different processes such as nose lifting, arch removal, tip correction, and reduction, more attractive and pleasant-looking structures can be created. Since general anesthesia is used in open or closed operations, the patient does not feel any pain. The patient is discharged one-to-one, and the recovery process is ensured at home.

If the breast structure is small or very large in some women, this situation can be intervened with breast aesthetics. Thanks to the inspections to be made by the aesthetic surgery, the most appropriate operation can be selected and the processes can be performed in a way that the person feels better. By using silicone molds in small breasts, larger structures are formed, and successful results are obtained with the reduction operation for large breasts that cause back pain, and the patient is helped to feel beautiful.

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