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Environmental factors, air pollution, the sun’s wasted rays, and the time that is impossible to get rid of cause some changes in the skin. Volume loss in subcutaneous tissues is the most common.

Visible results are thinning of the lips, collapse of the cheeks, lines on the forehead, fine lines on the edges of the nose and lips, and so on. In order to get rid of this problem, it is necessary to replace the lost tissues. This is possible either with a ready-made filling or by using the person’s own unique fat tissues. The safest and most frequently used ready-made tissue issue in the world is the preparations containing hyaluronic acid. It is actually an element found in the skin. With advancing age, loss of skin vitality, loss of brightness, tension, moisture, and loss of color is observed.

This special application work, which helps to eliminate all precedent defects, is FDA-approved. Without requiring a different process, a numbing cream is applied to the body, and micro-needles are injected. This process takes 10-15 minutes. A little redness may occur in the area where the process is performed. The effect can be seen instantly. Filling of the cheekbones, disappearance or lightening of the wrinkles, and thickening of the lips are seen. Permanence changes in the middle of 6 to 1 year. After the process, the person can easily return to his daily life.

Light Fill

The feature of light filling is to make the skin glow, to regenerate the skin, and provide fullness. For these effects, it is a special concept in which mesotherapy and filling applications are applied mixed, and it is a 3-session application that is applied in the middle of 3 weeks. After the first application, visible results occur. The skin is re-hydrated and aggravated. However, it contains hyaluronic acid, 3 antioxidants, 3 minerals, and vitamins, which are also suitable for skin restructuring.

Application Areas

It can be applied to the face area, all neck parts, décolleté, and chest parts as well as hands. It is also effective against dark circles under the eyes. Light filling causes the skin to look more moist, lively, and fuller. It also provides a significant reduction in wrinkles. In addition to these, with the disappearance of dark areas on the skin, a glow is seen on the skin. Glitter and luminosity are obtained.

Youth Vaccine: Facial and Skin Rejuvenation with Light Filling

The main factor that destroys the youth of the skin is the signs of aging. The premature collapse of these symptoms brings along premature aging. The skin becomes lifeless and takes on an unhealthy and matte appearance. Along with losing its fullness, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Dehydration and dry and pale skin structure occur. Light filling first destroys this matte appearance and rejuvenates the face. With the effect of smoking, environmental factors, stress, and time-lapse, it starts to age much faster. The reason for the glow and vitality seen in youth is the hyaluronic acid in the skin, and after the twenties, this acid begins to decrease in the skin. On the skin, it shows itself as wrinkles and fine lines.

This special light-filling system has a valuable role in facial rejuvenation and rejuvenation of the skin. It is aimed to provide a tight and lively skin structure with the water-holding power of the skin tissue. It offers natural tightening with its water-retaining effect. It gives elasticity by plumping it. Due to the renewal of the skin, the aging of the skin is prevented. The face is illuminated. In the application for rejuvenation of the face, a cure is processed as 3 sessions. After the first session, the second session is applied after 15 days and the third session is applied after 30 days.

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