Forehead problems and treatments



Forehead wrinkles can be treated by applying BOTOX, as they occur due to the strengthening of the muscles at a young age. FILLING applications will be required in addition to BOTOX application in non-dynamic, i.e. not dependent on movement wrinkles.

Due to the increasing movements of the eyebrows in advancing ages, especially on the eyebrows, loosening occurs. These wrinkles cannot be opened with BOTOX applications; On the contrary, after the application, it increases even more or by increasing the dose, the eyelids are pushed down, causing the patient to have a more tired image and difficulty in opening their eyes. In such cases, analysis can be found with applications such as ULTHERAPY, DAS and GOLD FREQUENCY to tighten the skin of the region.


Especially on the forehead, which is one of the areas that receive direct sunlight, dark spots are very common. CHEMICAL PEELINGs and IPL and PICOSIL applications will provide an analysis in order to correct color differences and achieve a clear skin. In addition, YOUTH LIGHT and OXYGENAO applications are also useful in both treatment and defense periods.

Acne, Acne Scars and Scars:

The forehead is one of the most acne-prone areas during adolescence. In addition to drug treatments, chemical peels, YOUTH LIGHT, GOLD FREQUENCY, IPL applications can be applied in active acne treatments. For very oily but dehydrated skin, MESOLİFT applications are required. .In addition, when it is desired to treat the scars in this area as a result of impacts, a treatment plan can be created by using one or a combination of PICOSIL, MICROPEELING, GOLD FREQUENCY, DAS, YOUTH LIGHT, DERMAPEN and FILLER applications.

Slumps and Heights:

Especially depending on the movement, collapses in certain areas and strengthening of the muscles and elevations can distract the patient from the youthful view. FILLERS will be the most adequate solution in such problems.

Hair Loss:

Hair loss or weakening of the hair over time also enlarges the forehead area and disrupts the ideal proportions of our face. In these patients, it is necessary to create supplementary treatments by trying to strengthen the scalp with PRP and MESOTHERAPIES to be applied to the scalp. In cases where it is not enough, it may be necessary to apply for hair transplantation.

Open pores:

Open pores can be treated with DERMAPEN, PRP, CHEMICAL PEELING and MESOLİFT applications, just like on the cheeks.

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