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Free Flap Repair

Free Flap Repair

In the repair of tissue losses caused by trauma, tumor surgery, or in the chest, penis, nose, finger, etc. Removing a tissue from one part of the body called a free flap by means of microsurgical techniques and transporting it to another place is one of the high-level interventions of reconstructive surgery. As a result of these surgeries, there is a chance to reach the highest level of functional and aesthetic results. However, these attempts require trouble and long operations. In addition, since the nutrition of the whole tissue is fed by vessels of very small diameter, occlusions that occur as a result of random reasons in the vessels after their repair may lead to the loss of all the transported tissue. Therefore, patients who have a free tissue transplant plan should be aware of this risk. However, these risks come to acceptable levels in hands experienced in the field of microsurgery. To give some examples of surgeries that require repair with a free flap:

– Repair of large three-dimensional defects as a result of tumor surgery

– Gender reassignment surgeries

– Toe-to-toe transplants

– Repair of soft and bone tissue losses in the limbs as a result of trauma

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