Fue (follicular unit extraction) non-surgical hair transplantation

In the FUE system, the hair is taken from the area just above the nape, in the middle of the two ears, with a micro motor tool with a tip of 0.8 – 1mm.

Since the hair is taken one by one in the FUE way, the daily process time is 6 – 8 hours. The obvious advantage of the FUE formula is that there is no random trace left in the area where the hair is taken. It should be taken into account that this is valuable for individuals who want to cut their hair very short and use it.
Hair follicles on the chest and back are also used for hair transplantation.

The FUE technique is one of the most advanced hair transplantation techniques, and hair follicles in other parts of the body can also be transplanted to the head. These hair follicles have the same characteristics as the other hairs on the scalp where they are transplanted. For example, hair follicles taken from the chest and transplanted to the head grow here as normal hair.

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