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Fue hair transplant system

In 2002, The FUE method, defined by Russman, is applied all over the world as the most modern and advanced hair transplantation method, by covering very fast steps. While 500-600 grafts can be obtained in one session in the first years, today, if there is enough donor, it can be reached up to 10000 or more grafts by using other body hairs other than the scalp.

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FUE formula phases;

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A) Preliminary preparation, sedation, and local anesthesia.

It is the first and only process that many individuals who will have hair transplantation will do in their lives, so they are quite excited. Before the hair transplantation, 0.5 mg of ALPBROZOLAM (Xanax tablet) is usually sufficient for sedation. Before the hair is shaved, photographs of the person are taken from different angles. It is then shaved to zero.

The area to be shaved in the middle of the two ears is marked with a crayon and this area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. During anesthesia, the person will feel pain for two 3 minutes. Pain threshold varies from person to person. While some feel very light, some individuals may have more pain. However, after the end of local anesthesia, the patient will not feel any pain.

B) Removal of hair from the donor area.

After local anesthesia, this area is completely numb. In this area, the hair follicles are liberated and extracted one by one with a manual punch or micromotor.

An average of 20-25% of the donor area can be taken. When the remaining 75-80% of the hair follicle grows, a negative image does not appear in the middle of the two ears. While an average of 1000 grafts can be taken in one session with manual punch, 2000 grafts can be easily taken with a micromotor.

C) opening of microchannels and placement of grafts.

The front area to be transplanted is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Micro channels are opened for hair transplantation and hair grafts are placed one by one in the opened channels. There are several techniques for this.

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1) Lateral slit technique:

How many grafts will be transplanted with razor-thin slits, micro channels are opened as collectively. Then, the grafts are placed one by one with micro forceps. It ends in a shorter time as 2-3 people can do hair transplantation from the right and from the side. There is no need for auxiliary workers.

2) Needle hair transplantation technique:

One micro-channel is opened, and one hair follicle is placed. A more natural and dense planting can be done, but 800 to 1000 grafts can be transplanted in one session.

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