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What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital Aesthetics

Since genital issues often create difficulties in the middle of the spouses, it is spiritually necessary for the person to feel better and to have a healthier sexual life. Genital aesthetic operations are mostly performed in two ways. Aesthetic interventions, which are divided into internal and external genital area operations, include the reduction of the small lips, the plumping of the large lips, the narrowing and repair of the vagina.

All of the operations performed to destroy the unsightly image due to the deformations that occur in the genital area due to aging and genetic characteristics and birth at the same time are called genital plastic surgery. In external genital area operations, the processes of destroying the unseemly appearance that occurs with the sagging of the small lips over time and making the large lips drooping down over time take place. In the operations of the inner genital area, where the enlargement of the vagina, which is experienced due to the muscles that relax with childbirth, is prevented, the damaged structures can also be repaired.


Most of the time, the operation performed to remove the unpleasant image that occurs when the inner lip droops and exceeds the outer lips in the genital area is called a small lip reduction operation. The operation, which is mostly performed with local anesthesia, takes half an hour. Since the stitches are made with dissolvable threads, no stitches are removed after the operation. After the operation, the patient has to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations so that the area does not become infected while eliminating the need for the toilet. On the other hand, it constitutes one of the points to be considered, as it may cause the opening of the stitches during the sexual intercourse during the smoothing process. A few hours after the operation, the patient can go to his home and take a bath after 24 hours. While walking around with a pet for a day or two prevents the stitches from being damaged, the area becomes completely beautiful within two months.


Especially in women over the age of 30, the wrinkled and sagging outer lips create a terrible view that makes more than one woman very uncomfortable. Since filling oils obtained from the person’s own body fat are preferred in the use of filling, the process takes place in a partially easy form. After this procedure, the patient can go to his home within two hours. Since there is no incision in this painless intervention, the patient may forget that he even had an operation after the swelling that will pass in a few days. Antibiotic treatment is also administered to the patient, who is advised not to wear comfortable clothes until the swelling goes down.


This situation, which is mostly observed after normal births, is a situation that disturbs many women and affects their spouses as well. Vaginal narrowing operation, which is one of the genital aesthetic interventions necessary for a satisfied sexual life, is performed with the general anesthesia technique and takes approximately 45 minutes. After the operation, which is performed by tightening and narrowing the muscles in the walls of the vagina close to the uterus, the patient is discharged the same day. After the intervention, the tampon inserted into the vagina is removed the next day, and the patient is asked to stay away from sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks. While keeping the area clean and not getting infected accelerates the beautification process, the patient should also stop doing heavy work and sports for a while.

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