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Genital area aesthetics

Genital area aesthetics can be applied using laser and surgical treatment formulas. Due to the rapid beautification of the wound, it can be applied together with other aesthetic operations. Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are the most frequently applied procedures.

An undesirable appearance in the genital area can become a problem that negatively affects the psychology and sexual life of the person.

An unusual situation in the region can turn into a problem that negatively affects the psychology and sexual life of the person and cannot be shared with anyone. As a result, since sexuality is experienced in the middle of two individuals, it is not possible for the other party not to be affected by this situation.

female external genitalia; The bony part under the navel, which we call the mons pubis, consists of the labia major (outer lips), labia minor (inner lips), clitoris (the upper junction of the labia minora), and the hymen we call the hymen. Issues related to the sexual region can be examined in three parts as congenital, developmental and post-pregnancy problems.

Congenital problems can be in the form of external and contact internal genital organ abnormalities, non-development, overdevelopment or unusual development. This condition can be detected at birth or may occur with menstrual problems during adolescence.

Developmental problems are the over or underdevelopment process of the genital anatomy, which has a very normal structure, which occurs as a result of hormonal influences. This situation directly affects the psychology of the person in the adolescence period.

The hormonal effects that increase smoothly during the pregnancy period, the withdrawal of the hormonal effect during and after the birth, birth trauma or the surgical intervention we call episiotomy cause unwanted images in the genital area. In addition, the most observed situation with the effect of advancing age is loss of elasticity and sagging in this region.

Pubis Aesthetics makes the disturbing formations in the region look aesthetically pleasing.

The pubis is the only part below the navel, bony, protruding, continuous with the large lips, and all visible from the outside when standing. While the area has a hard and tense appearance at young ages, it may sag, become hollow or become more protruding with increasing age.

In pubis aesthetics, if there is sagging in the area, the area should be hung up and the excess skin should be removed. This type of surgery can be performed together with tummy tuck surgery, or it can be performed alone if the person does not need a tummy tuck. The scar of this surgery is as much as the cesarean section scar and the scar is in that area. If the pubis has been emptied, it may be decided to inject fat after stretching during the surgery. This type of operation is mostly performed under general anesthesia, especially if fat injection is added to the stretching surgery, general anesthesia is more suitable for the comfort of the patient.

If the pubis area is very obvious, which can also be seen in young people, the patient’s biggest complaint is the image that emerges when he wears trousers. In this case, liposuction applied to the pubis will solve the problem to a large extent. This operation can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation. In sedation, with the effect of sedative drugs to be given intravenously, the patient does not remember the moment of the operation and survives the operation in a painless and painless way. The biggest problem in pubis aesthetics is the image formed by the upper lip of the large lips if the region is raised too much. For this reason, the operation should be performed in conscious, expert hands.

Labiaplasty (Inner-Outer Lip Aesthetics) is the most commonly applied genital aesthetic surgery.

This surgery is performed when the outer large and inner labia minora are larger than usual and drooping. The outer lips are shaped as a continuation of the pubis, in the standing position, 1/3 or 1/4 of the lips are visible from the front and are covered with hairs. Inner (small) lips are mucosal structures that cover the clitoris, which is usually mostly covered by the outer lips. These areas end by wrapping around the vagina and do not contain hair on it. The most common aesthetic problems are the drooping and hollowing out of the outer lips while standing, creating a mass image when viewed from the opposite side, or the inner lips protruding too far from the middle of the outer lips. Although these problems usually occur with advancing age and after birth, they can also be seen in young people.

The labiaplasty operation takes 30-40 minutes and can be performed under sedation (sedating drugs) or general anesthesia, if desired. A sitz bath with batikon is recommended for approximately 15 days after labiaplasty. The stitches will fall off within 3 weeks. Mild blood leaks may persist for up to a week after the operation. After 3 weeks, the person can return to his sexual life.

Things to Consider After Labiaplasty Operation:

If the person applies ice over underwear in the first 48 hours after this operation, swelling and blood leakage will be less.

It may be necessary to use sanitary pads despite slight leaks for about 1 week-10 days.

For 10 days after the operation, the toilet should be cleaned with a serum diluted with batikon.

You can take a shower from the next day of the operation, but it is recommended not to take a bath in the tub for up to 3 weeks and to use diluted batikon again for genital area purity.

Since straining will stretch the genital area and cause pain, it is recommended that the person not be constipated for 3 days before the operation and for 3 weeks after the operation.

The patient should not engage in sexual interest for 3-4 weeks.

Structural or postpartum problems in the vagina can be removed by operation.

Vaginal aesthetics is the process applied for the outer one-third of the vagina, the orgasmic area, and the inner and outer lips. Many women complain that their labia (lips) are large and drooping. Therefore, since the reduction of these areas with surgery will give spiritual satisfaction, sexual success and pleasure will also increase. These lips being larger than usual may cause the clitoris to be covered in some cases, thus delaying orgasm and reducing pleasure functionally. If the labia are smaller and looser than usual, a normal, taut and younger appearance can be achieved with adipose tissue transfer.

Vaginal tightening or renewal is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the vagina as a result of loosening of the vagina due to age or childbirth and increasing the pleasure of sexual interest. Relaxation is the loosening, enlargement and sagging of the muscles and soft tissues in the lower genital area of ​​women as a result of structural or postpartum trauma. In this case, the vaginal muscles relax, the usual tension and resistance decrease, and the control and support functions of the vagina are impaired. The relaxation on the walls will also reduce the sexual pleasure of the man who is also a sexual partner. This problem can be resolved by surgically narrowing the vaginal canal and correcting the loosened muscle structures. The operation takes 1-2 hours and you can return to normal life within 2 days. The resumption of sexual activity is only possible after 2 weeks.

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