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It is normal to have breast growth and fullness in men during puberty.

It is a physiological state. However, we expect this situation to disappear in adulthood.

Multiple breasts in men that continue into adulthood for various reasons or that occur later

We call the size ‘gynecomastia’.

This situation causes significant shyness, restlessness and sensitivity in this region.

it could be. Only those who avoid swimming because of this inconvenience, always wear loose clothes and

we can meet men who change the way they walk. When such a patient presents

gynecomastia staging by making a decision based on the necessary tests and the examination findings of the person


If the excess is only adipose tissue, liposuction (fat removal) with vacuum systems

Gynecomastia can be treated with surgery. If the individual has an excess of breast tissue

removal of tissues with a small incision made from the chest, if any, and removal of the removed tissue

It is planned to be sent for pathological examination.

In patients with obvious excess and sagging skin, the breast and tissue

Excess skin can also be surgically removed. The operation is mostly in the hospital.

Doesn’t require staying. The person can go to work after 2-3 days of rest.

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