Hair loss

Why Does Hair Loss Slip?

Studies have shown that the loss of 100-150 hairs per day is normal. Losses in sizes above this are called ‘alopecia’, that is, hair loss above normal.

Hair Loss in Men

90% of hair loss in men is genetic factors. The 10% is due to hormones and age. Genetic factors that cause hair loss can come from both the mother and the father. In those with significant genetic predisposition, hair loss may begin at any time after puberty. Apart from this, in the advancing periods due to aging, men may experience hair loss at a certain rate. Criteria such as health status, life expectancy and diet are other factors affecting hair loss.

Hair Loss in Women

Unlike men, female pattern hair loss can start at any age. However, heavy hair loss increases in parallel with the age of menopause after 50 years of age. Genetic transmission is less likely. Health status and nutritional factors also affect hair loss. Postpartum hair loss, after the use of birth control pills and due to anemia, is also common in women. Hair loss in such cases is reversible.

What are the other diseases and conditions that cause hair loss?


Iron deficiency anemia (anemia)

some fungal diseases

autoimmune diseases

some skin diseases

Certain medications (cancer chemotherapy, antidepressants, arthritis medications, heart medications, antihypertensives, birth control pills)

Sudden states of shock and grief

A lot of weight loss in a short time

Liver diseases

kidney diseases

adrenal gland tumors

Ovarian cysts

excess of vitamin A

Frequent hair coloring

Hair straightening methods

getting a perm

What are Hair Loss Treatments?

The most valuable step in the treatment of hair loss is to determine the factor that causes hair loss. Therefore, a patient with hair loss problem should consult a doctor without wasting time. As a result of the examinations, treatments for the underlying cause are started. In most of the disease-related hair loss, when the underlying disease is corrected, hair loss stops and hair grows back in the areas where hair loss is experienced.

The following treatment formulas are applied in cases of significant hair loss due to the disease, genetic tendency and age-related hair loss.

1) Treatment with Medicines

There are 2 drugs that have received FDA approval for hair loss treatments so far. These drugs do not work in areas where the hair follicle has been completely lost. As they provide growth in the hair with a strong root, they also strengthen the remaining hair.

The most well-known of these drugs is Minoxidil. It is used for male pattern hair loss. It can cause hair growth in unwanted areas. The manufacturer reports that Minoxidil is more effective in hair loss in the peak area, not the forehead area. Use should be continued for at least 4 months to see if the drug will be beneficial.

Other drugs used in the treatment of hair loss include Azeleic Acid, Cimetidine, Tretinoin, Ketoconazole, DIANE 35, Flutamide and snake oil. All of these drugs are used in different hair loss indications. Since they can cause significant side effects, they should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

2) Hair Mesotherapy

Whatever the reason for hair loss, mesotherapy is a method that can be used alone or in combination with other treatment methods. The basis of hair mesotherapy is the injection of a specially prepared combination of drugs into the relevant area. The drugs used are some elements in the structure of the hair, vitamins, minerals and surface expanders. All of them are natural therapeutic spies, and they create a synergistic effect by coming into existence.

The effect of mesotherapy is usually noticed after the second session. Weekly treatment is applied for the first 4 weeks. Then it is reduced to 1 in 15 days. And it is continued in this form for 4 sessions. Protective treatments are done every 3 months and then every 6 months.

3) PRP Treatment

PRP treatment used in various diseases and cosmetic applications in medicine

It is also widely used successfully in the treatment of hair loss. The patient’s

By taking his own blood, the strong part of the platelet called PRP is separated with the help of a special set. The separated part is injected into the hair follicles with an injector or a mesotherapy gun. With the growth factors they secrete, the platelets regenerate and strengthen the hair follicles and ensure hair growth from the protected areas. It can be used alone or combined with mesotherapy.

PRP treatment is initially applied in 4-6 sessions with an average of 15 days. Subsequently, once in 6 months or once a year is sufficient.

4)Hair Transplantation

It is the process of removing hair follicles from certain areas of the scalp with various procedures and transplanting them to the problematic area. It is a widely used procedure and the results are satisfactory. Mesotherapy and PRP treatments to be applied before and after hair transplantation ensure that the hair transplanted to the new area is much healthier and increases the chances of success.

5) Surgical Treatment

Scalp stretching, scalp stretching, flap method and macrografting methods are the methods used in the treatment of hair loss. It is not widely used today.

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