Hair loss and treatment options

Hair loss is a problem that concerns both men and women today. There are many known causes of hair loss. These include anemia, some hormonal disorders such as thyroid diseases, zinc deficiency, genetic problems, chemical treatments applied to the hair (such as dye, perm, bleaching processes), protein-poor diet, high fever, severe infections, birth control pills (only when there is a genetic predisposition). , seasonal changes (maximum in autumn) and customary tension.

Normally, the life cycle of our hair is 2-6 years. That is, the hair grows during this period. However, 10% of them are in the resting phase and this phase lasts for 2-3 months. At the end of this phase, hair loss is observed. Hair falls out and new ones grow in its place. The cycle continues like this. The average daily hair loss is in the middle of 50 to 100 strands. If you think that you are losing more and there is a decrease in the quality of your hair, you should contact your doctor without wasting time.

After the necessary analyzes are made, treatment is applied for the underlying cause; deficiencies are replaced, shedding is stopped and it is aimed to improve hair quality. For this, we have Hair mesotherapy, PRP and Concentrated Growth Factors.

Hair mesotherapy; A protocol is prepared according to the needs of the patient. It is given with a formula suitable for the scalp with 0.4 mm injector tips. 10 sessions are done.

Hair PRP; blood is drawn from the patient. By centrifuging at the appropriate stage, the repair cells in our blood are obtained and applied again with the mesotherapy method. 3 sessions are done.

CGF Application to Hair; It is a formula that has just started to be applied and very satisfactory results are obtained. Blood is taken from the patient again and centrifuged. The concentrated growth factors obtained are given to the hair again by mesotherapy technique. 3 sessions are applied.

In difficult cases, treatment combinations can be used. Although the patient’s smoking, stress level, diet affect the response to the treatment, the main thing is to follow the therapy sessions in real terms.

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