hair loss treatment

General hair loss (Diffuse alopecia)

Hair loss (Alopecia areata)

Shedding leaving a trace (Citricial alopecia)

Female pattern baldness (Androgenic alopecia)

Male pattern hair loss (Androgenic alopecia)


Hair Shedding All Over


Some vitamin and mineral deficiencies (Biotin, vitamin D, zinc).

thyroid hormone problems

Medication intake (hormone, vitamin A acid, cortisone, chemotherapy)

Chronic diseases (kidney, liver diseases).


Hair Breaking Causes


Thyroid diseases.

Rheumatic diseases called collagen tissue diseases.

It can accompany diabetes.

Causes of Spill Leaving Traces

After some fungal and bacterial diseases of the scalp.

Rheumatic diseases called collagen tissue diseases.


After the burn.

Causes of Female Pattern Shedding

It is a form of shedding that starts from the forehead and is characterized by the opening of the peak areas in women.

More women going through menopause, too.

In women who are young and have increased male hormones.

Causes of Male Pattern Shedding

The existing male hormone has a weakening effect on hair follicles. This is the basic system.

It usually manifests itself in the form of opening on the forehead, it can also move backwards and hold the summit.


For general hair loss, more cause-oriented treatment is applied. In other words, deficiencies in blood prices are treated, and missing vitamin values ​​are supported.

Mesotherapy treatment (injection of vitamins and minerals needed by the hair into the hair root).

PRP (giving the growth factors in the patient’s own blood to the hair follicle).

Lotions to be applied locally (minoxidil)

Hormonal treatments

My dear patients; Don’t worry about hair loss with comfortable treatment options.

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