Hair loss treatment with Prp (platelet rich plasma);

It is a method used to stop hair loss and revitalize weakened, lifeless hair follicles.

Plasma, which is obtained as a result of the separation of white blood cells and platelets by subjecting the person’s own blood to a special process, is injected into the balding or thinned area.

The application takes the form: After the patient’s own blood is taken (about 10cc), it is centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 8 minutes. The plasma part, rich in platelet, which is separated as a result of centrifugation, is injected into the skin by mesotherapy or filling method.

These rich plasma cells secrete growth factors. Growth factors trigger the regeneration and proliferation of stem cells. Thus, a significant regeneration occurs in the tissue. Treatment intervals are every 20 days on average, and a total of 6 sessions of 1 cure is sufficient. Afterwards, it will be sufficient to apply it once a year.

The most valuable advantage of this system; The special plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood and does not carry the risk of allergy.

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