Treatments for Hair Loss in Turkey

The condition of hair loss is a factor that is transmitted from generation to generation in a genetic way. However, it can also come from a disease in the scalp, affecting men and women, not only at the physical level evidencing the loss, but also emotional level, as an element that affects the self-esteem of the individual and their way of relating to their environment, so even sometimes, it is a sensitive issue to deal with. However, being able to talk about it is part of the solution.

The News

Currently, we can define that there are multiple treatments to go to, not only for this but other ailments. Technology has broken the barriers that are reflected on this issue to the point that it can be said that staying bald is a choice. We have a basic classification in two types of treatment: there are successful natural hair treatments and applicability, as we also have the door open in surgical treatments that do not represent any risk, although they are invasive.

Applicability Technique

The current market offers different treatments in the form of tonics to treat baldness, many developed by specialists which have had impressive results. However, the greatest weakness of this type of treatment is that, although they are not invasive, they work mostly as a control tool for the scalp since hair loss is a degenerative condition. We can easily visualize that by suspending the article, the situation is worse for patients, and that’s why they have a great rejection in the current market.

Surgical techniques

Every day more people are turning to surgical treatments; it is even the favorite method among stars because it has been shown to be highly effective and has also been proven to remain over time. These methods are applied only by professionals since it requires great skill and is believed to be the most forceful tool since it is based on the transplant of hair, cutting the donor area, and putting a new hair with all the necessary characteristics for its healthy development. But in spite of all this, it is a procedure that requires to be taken with care, especially with the selection of the specialist.

As we can see, there are no excuses to continue suffering from hair loss since we can apply any methods that could be more adapted to our needs and specific condition.

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