Congenital Hair Losses

Hair follicles are congenitally sensitive to the male hormone. With the effect of testosterone hormone, hair loss occurs more intensively and this is the main reason why hair loss problem occurs more in men. The hair follicles begin to thin over time and if they do not interfere, they will lose their diameter after a while. In another phase hair loss can be observed more clearly.

The problem of hair loss can be observed in women as well as in men and there are many reasons. If you are confronted with hair loss symptoms, you can get help from an expert without losing any time and make the treatment process faster. As a result of the examinations, the cause of the disease can be detected in a healthier manner and then the appropriate treatment will be easier to determine.

Hair loss, aesthetic anxiety is a step forward and can create a visual disturbance. After a while, the person is moving away from society and does not want to communicate with his close circle. With the loss of hair, the person loses his self-esteem and also deteriorates himself psychologically. Along with the hair transplantation, it is possible to leave behind all these problems and as a result of the successful application of the appropriate treatment method, visual problems will be eliminated in a short time.

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