What is Eyebrow Loss?

Eyebrows do not spill when there is no reason. If the eyebrows have been spilled and this continues, there may be many reasons for this. Less work of thyroid glands, eyebrows due to stress, eyebrows caused by atopic dermatitis, spills caused by fungal and eczema, and scalp hair loss in leprosy can occur.

What Causes Eyebrow Loss?

Eyebrow loss occurs due to many reasons. There are many reasons for eyebrows, especially in women. These;

Spills due to eyebrow removal or eyebrow peeling
Spills on the eyebrows due to incorrect eyebrows are common. Eyebrow spills occur as a result of false eyebrows by ordinary people who are not experts in beauty salons. Among the people of the eyebrow swelling, depending on the wrong eyebrow swelling occurs. Eyebrow resection is often an irreversible disorder. In this case, what should be done is to add eyebrows or eyebrows to the top of the eyebrow shape by giving the problem is the process of relatively elimination.
Ringworm (Kas breaker) Actually called the ringworm of the condition on the eyebrows is the condition. Ringworm, hair, eyebrows in men beard is the state of shedding. It is more frequently seen in adolescents and adolescents. Such spills occur suddenly and are more stress-related spills.

Hair loss due to thyroid hormones The thyroid hormones are known as goiter disease are over-working, or if they are more or less inactive, are scattered on the scalp. In case of spills due to this condition, the spills seen on the eyebrows or other scalps when the hormonal balance is restored by treatment, disappear spontaneously.

Mushroom Disease Mushroom disease is one of the most important dermatological disorders that can occur in many parts of the body. It can be in many parts of the body, it can also be on the eyebrows and cause the eyebrows to fall off. With the treatment of fungal disease, the disease disappears in the eyebrows and other areas of the body.

Age-Related Eyebrows and Sparse Especially in women, menopause period is one of the problems of eyebrow loss. In women, menopause period, the body is unable to produce estrogen spills on the eyebrows occur. The treatment applied to menopausal spills usually does not respond. Eyebrow suture can be performed when hair or eyebrows are formed depending on this period.

Eyebrow Loss Caused by Chemotherapy Treatment During the chemotherapy treatment, hair and eyebrows appear to be the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. At the end of the treatment, the eyebrows and hairs that spilled at the end of a certain period may even appear as lush and harder than before.

Continuous Brow Removal
Women periodically to take care of the eyebrow in terms of a beautiful facial expression is an indicator of well-groomed. However, continuous eyebrow eyebrows and very often to remove the brow to thin and thicken the eyebrows to damage. The eyebrows can be confronted with the fact that no more eyebrows come out. Permanent eyebrows are known to cause some health problems. Permanent eyebrow pains are the following;

Bacterial formation at the base of the eyebrow
Risk of permanent damage as the eyebrows are not damaged by the damage of the roots
As a result of the irritation of the skin, it causes dermatitis.
Not enough feeding
Inadequate nutrition, as in all areas, hair and eyebrows are said to be effective in the spills. Feeding under the daily calorie needs of a person, frequent diets, daily intake of protein under the need, in every sense damages the body. Inadequate nutrition, muscle weakness, thyroid hormone disease, the formation of thyroid hormones, such as damage to the body as a result of damage to the eyebrows and hair is extremely excessive spills. Proteins are known to form the components of the hair and scalp fibers of the scalp. Cutting protein intake under the need leads to very serious hair and eyebrow losses. Basic proteins such as meat and milk eggs should be consumed at certain rates every day. One of the vitamins that affect eyebrows and hair loss is vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, hair, and eyebrow formation is one of the leading vitamins. Since it is the vitamin that supports the collagen and keratin structure of the scalp, there are very serious hair and eyebrows. Zinc, B vitamins, alpha-linoleic acid, iron, and vitamin A deficiencies cause serious losses in eyebrows and hair.

Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer patients. This treatment is a treatment to prevent cancer growth by controlling cancer cells. According to the type of cancer, the drugs applied and the frequency of treatment are determined by clinical oncologists. The aim of cancer therapy is the complete elimination of cancer cells. The aim of the treatment is to prevent the growth and proliferation of cancer cells and to ensure complete removal of the tumor causing cancer.

Although chemotherapy is a cancer disease treatment, it has some side effects. The most important of these is the negative effects on the skin and nails. Redness of the skin, redness of the nails and redness, color changes occur in the skin and nails. However, these side effects end soon after the end of treatment. Hair and eyebrows are observed during chemotherapy. Even hairs and eyebrows are completely poured. In this process, the hair cut completely is more psychologically relaxing. Because, as long as the treatment continues, the hair will be cast in clusters and this image has a very negative psychological effect on the person. However, spills on the hair and eyebrows occur again in a couple of months after the end of the treatment, even in some people.

Thyroid Insufficiency
Thyroid insufficiency, called hypothyroidism in medicine, is just one of the hormones that make up the body’s balance. The thyroid gland produces T3 and T4 hormones. Their production and use are completely within the working area of ​​the thyroid gland.

Since the symptoms of hypothyroidism may be similar to the symptoms of many diseases in the body, it is appropriate to make the diagnosis in the right and clinical settings. These symptoms include;

Skin dryness and debris
The body turns orange
Swelling in hands, face, and eyes
Hair and eyebrows spill
Depression conditions and inability to sleep
Menstrual irregularities
Weight gain
Memory weakness, forgetfulness
B12 deficiency
Symptoms such as low sweating are signs of thyroid failure.
Hair Breaker
Ringworm is one of the diseases of the immune system called Alopecia in medicine. It causes hair loss on the scalp, beard, and eyebrows. The autoimmune system is called the alienation of the immune system into its own cells. Lymphocytes, which form roots in the scalp, secrete chemicals and begin to spill on the scalp. It is an extremely frustrating disease. The causes of ringworm disease are caused by stress and sadness. It is not infectious. Ringworm disease occurs in three stages. In the first phase, hair loss occurs on the beard or eyebrows. In the second phase, the expansions grow in the spilled areas and spread over the wider area. In the third stage, the spilled hairs begin to appear in white and then in the normal color. However, the beginning of dating varies from person to person. In some cases, this improvement occurs several months later. However, in some cases, it is observed that it lasted for years and never even appeared in some cases. The spills of the hairworm are formed in small sections in the form of coins. However, in some cases, this area is even larger.

It is a condition where the naturalness of the skin or mucosa resulting from a crash, fall or an accident is impaired. They occur as a result of trauma. Types of injuries;

-Cut wounds
-Crushed wounds
-Stab Wounds
-Shattered skin injuries
-Injured open injuries
-In the case of wounds caused by any trauma, the first intervention is to wash the injured area with soap and water. If there is any bleeding as a result of the injury, it should be ensured that the nearest health institution is visited and the wound is treated in sterile conditions.

Atopic Dermatitis
It is a skin disease which manifests itself in the form of itching and redness caused by spontaneous or genetic predisposition. Allergic reactions in which light-skinned people are more at risk are diverse. Eye and nasal inflammation can be seen in the form. In the form of cough (bronchial asthma), seasonal changes in hay fever are more common in the spring and manifest with sneezing cough and runny nose. Atopic dermatitis is more common in childhood.

The incidence is higher in children than in adults. It is a disease characterized by redness and itching of the scalp or scalp. The disease, which is also known as eczema, can be seen in many parts of the body together with the face, eyes, arms, and legs.

It is difficult to say that there is a definitive treatment of atopic dermatitis. It does not pass completely, but it can be controlled with a very relaxing treatment. The most important precaution to be done is to avoid anything that will aggravate atopic dermatitis. With allergy tests, it can be determined what causes exacerbation of eczema. Both foods, direct contact, and clothing inflame atopic dermatitis. It is possible to get rid of this disease in a certain way by determining these in advance and by taking precautions.

There are many drugs that can be used in atopic dermatitis. Drugs are subject to a certain amount of attacks and use of medicines regularly, as well as avoiding the factors that trigger atopic dermatitis is one of the most important things that should be done. The patient can be relieved to a certain extent by eliminating dermatitis conditions by parents in children. In adults, it is necessary to use regular medication and to avoid the chemicals that trigger dermatitis and to protect the patients during certain seasons.

Fungal Infections
Fungal infections occur as a result of the disruption of human skin PH. The pH balance should be 5.5. PH is the acidity balance of the human body. Disruption of this causes fungus formation. Keeping the body clean, wet and continuous wet conditions that cause fungus should be avoided. The genitals, the underarms, the legs, the feet and the glands that connect the baby in the butt and genital organs are the most open areas of fungal infection. Fungal infection is one of the longest infections. Therefore, the treatment is long and laborious.

Hansen’s Disease
Hansen disease, also known as Leprosy and Leprosy is a dermatological disease. In the past, the disease was difficult to cure and patients were pushed out of the community, but nowadays it has become a fully healed disease.

Hansen’s disease, called Leprosy ına by Mycobacterium Leprae L, causes a leprosy disease. It is a disease that can be transmitted by saliva from the mouth and nose. There is a long-term treatment process. It is a disease that can be treated with the appearance of symptoms. However, the symptoms are sometimes not seen, and if they occur after a very long time, the treatment can spread over a very long period of time.

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