Hair mesotherapy!!!

Hair mesotherapy is the formula of injecting suitable drugs under the scalp with the help of small needles with the aim of stopping hair loss and restoring its natural vitality to the hair. Mesotherapy is a treatment method based on the injection of a specially prepared drug 1 to 6 cm under the skin. First, the French physician Dr. It was introduced by Michel Pistor in 1952.

What Kinds of Hair Loss Is Effective in Hair Mesotherapy?

Although there are various causes of hair loss, there are metabolic, stress-related, seasonal shedding and post-pregnancy shedding in the middle of shedding that responds to mesotherapy. It is a supportive treatment procedure in other hormonal / genetic spill types.

In Which Treatments Is Hair Mesotherapy Used?

In preventing hair loss,

In regional slimming treatments,

In removing cellulite,

In the treatment of stretch marks during pregnancy,

In facial rejuvenation treatments,

In the treatment of acne and scars.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied to Every Individual?

In people with heart failure,

In diabetes patients,

In individuals with kidney disease,

During pregnancy / breastfeeding,

Mesotherapy is not applied in patients receiving anticoagulant therapy.

Treatment Process

The treatment is when the prepared mixture is injected under the scalp. The process with micro injectors is painless and painless or at a tolerable level. The patient can continue his daily life after the treatment. Treatment results begin to be seen from the second session.

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