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Hair mesotherapy

In recent times, tension, diseases, etc. Hair loss, which has become a problem for many individuals for many reasons, has started to increase. One of the tests produced against hair loss is hair mesotherapy. So what is this hair mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy is the direct injection of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and factors that increase blood circulation to the hair follicles with special fine-tipped needles that nourish and support the hair follicles. The hair root is stimulated and nourished.

It is a treatment form applied with the aim of stopping hair loss, feeding hair follicles and increasing hair quality. It is made by injecting individual ingredients (substances needed by the hair) into the scalp with fine-tipped injectors at reasonable time intervals. It is a method frequently used in Turkey. By injecting the appropriate drug, the minerals, proteins and vitamins required for the hair will be met. Treatments are usually done in the middle of 4-8 sessions and the treatment status varies according to the age of the person and their metabolic structure. After the injection, the circulation in the scalp accelerates and becomes more efficient. Thus, the hair strands are nourished from the root and receive sufficient energy. With the differentiation of Devera, new blood vessels are formed and always become.

The aim of hair mesotherapy is to inject what the hair needs into the roots, to provide nutrition and to increase the functions of blood vessels. Visible hair strands are formed on the upper part of the scalp by stimulating non-functional hair follicles. This process is done in hair loss, late hair growth, lifeless hair, hair with loss of shine and volume. Especially since women are not suitable for hair transplantation, they are suitable for hair mesotherapy. The younger the person, the more successful results are achieved.

As a result of the treatment, hair loss is obviously reduced, the life of the hair is extended, a brighter and voluminous appearance is formed, the color of the hair is preserved and its graying is delayed. A more natural appearance is obtained compared to hair transplantation. It is the most effective of all the treatments recommended against hair loss.

Who Needs Hair Mesotherapy?

This process can be successfully applied in both male and female patients.

Hair loss that benefits from mesotherapy:
– Stress-related, seasonal, metabolic hair loss
– It can be listed as sudden hair loss after pregnancy.

It is useful to apply mesotherapy for ‘Male Type Hair Loss’, which is seen in the hair formation and growth phase, especially where a shrinkage is observed in the hair root.

In hormonal and genetic hair loss, this system can be preferred as a supplementary treatment. The content of the mixture used in the mesotherapy application can be arranged according to the needs of the person. Of course, in the treatment, first of all, the patient’s examination results are evaluated by the doctor.


Once in 15 days, in the middle of 4-8 sessions, we make a treatment program that changes according to the need of our patient.

**When treated in combination with PRP, faster and more effective responses can be obtained in hair loss.

It is beneficial to do hair mesotherapy especially in the months of September-October and April-May, which are seasonal transitions. This situation is even more valuable for hair transplant patients or risky patient cluster.

Difference of Hair Transplant and Mesotherapy

The difference of this treatment system from hair transplantation processes is that it treats the problem of shedding, which is assumed to be discontinuous, and it is a treatment method applied for the recovery of lifeless, weak hair at the same time. Hair transplantation is a treatment formula with different application steps in which treatment is provided by displacement or addition of hair follicles. If an easy comparison is made, the hair mesotherapy method is more effective in easy and discontinuous hair loss and there is no operation. It is aimed to stop hair loss and strengthen the hair. For this, a mixture that accelerates blood circulation and creates a cell regenerative effect is injected under the scalp. However, in hair transplantation processes, hair follicles are added directly to the skin. That is, an external insertion process is made. Treatment is the process of strengthening the hair strands and stopping the shedding by injecting drugs into the skin. In this respect, it can be understood that it aims to stop shedding and strengthen hair follicles rather than producing hair.

What should the patient pay attention to after hair mesotherapy?

The patient should not wash, wet or apply any medicine for 12 hours after mesotherapy. This rule also includes hair care cures for residential use. The risk of side effects is quite small and negligible, and the effect is achieved in a very short time.

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