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Hair mesotherapy

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The elements used in the treatment of hair mesotherapy are the combinations of vitamins, minerals and amino acids determined according to the patient’s condition. These elements allow the existing hair to thicken and revitalize, and repair the thinned and damaged roots. This treatment cannot regenerate the completely destroyed hair root, it only protects and revitalizes the existing roots. There are no known severe allergies. However, if your doctor feels the need, he or she can test. The elements used are CE approved.

Although the applications vary according to the patient’s condition, they are in the middle of 4-12 sessions. Session intervals change in the middle of 1-4 weeks. After the cure treatment is over, it is recommended to perform reminder treatments at intervals of 3-6 months to maintain the condition of the hair. Injections are made using very fine needles. There is no pain that requires anesthesia.

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