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Hair Transplant

Recent developments in hair transplantation “Fue Technique”: Hair loss bothers many people and

seeks different ways of analysis. If treatment is started in the initial period, hair mesotherapy

and medical drugs manage to stop shedding. The most natural method in advanced periods

We have been performing hair transplantation with the FUT technique for years.

We have started to apply the FUE (Follicular unit extraction) technique in recent years. classic hair

It has many advantages over transplants for eligible individuals. In the FUE procedure, cutting and sewing

hair follicles are removed with the help of special needles and applied to bald areas without

is being planted.

Causes of hair loss: Our hair is definitely shed every 3-4 years and then a new one comes out.

This is the reason why 60-80 strands of hair shed per day. This natural process is also for newly transplanted hairs.


Genes: Androgenetic hair loss is due to the presence of a genetic code in chromosomes.

it depends. Carrying the responsible gene is not a sufficient reason for hair loss. For this gene to be active

Recognition needs to be recognized, which depends on factors such as hormones, age, and tension level.

Hormones: 2 types of androgens play a role in the shedding process: Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (

DHT). The interactions of these two hormones with their receptors in the hair follicles

causes changes in metabolism.

Aging: Even the presence of the above 2 factors can cause Androgenetic hair loss.

not enough to start. Aging leads to the apparent thinning and shortening of hair.

(miniaturization) causes.

Ways against hair loss;

Hair transplantation

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Hair mesotherapy

Medication (FDA-approved)

Finasteride (Only for male pattern spills)

Minoxidil (Male and female type spills)

Fue technique: Individual follicular units are selectively removed from the back and sides of the scalp.

It is removed and transferred to the places where hair growth of the scalp is desired.

In the follicle extraction, each follicular hair cluster is randomly selected from additional tissue.

Perfect removal without damage to the surrounding skin

a micro-surgical instrument (between 0.75 and 1.0 mm in diameter) specially made to provide

we use.

No visible scar Highest possible hair density: 50-90 follicles per cm/2

units allow the creation of natural and unique natural hair lines.

Operation The process is performed under local anesthesia. Each session lasts 4-6 hours.

roots are taken without incision. Then, live hair roots are transplanted to the bald area.

500-1000 live roots are planted daily. According to the patient’s need, each patient’s hair

The sowing process can take 1 to 3 days (session). Patients in a comfortable operating room

they have a painless, comfortable session.

After the operation: After all sessions, the patient can easily return to his daily life.

can return.

Our patient comes after 48 hours and his first wash and necessary care is done.

The transplanted hair grows for 1 month. After this one month, the hair follicles transplanted for 3-4 months are alive in their place.

However, the hairs it produces enter the shedding phase. Hair transplanted at this stage

some of them continue to produce hair, while some of them keep their vitality silently without producing hair.


After this transitional phase, all transplanted hairs begin to grow alive within five to seven months.

As in all hair transplantation systems, the final hair transplanted in FUE gives to the individual.

The appearance appears after five to seven months.

The FUE technique allows body hair transplantation: Our process is follicular from many parts of the body.

unit allows. These include chest, abdomen, back, etc. in the middle. eats hair

takes. Combination of this technique with standard graft removal

expands. The ability to use hairs from other parts of the body, as well as the available donor

It also contributes significantly to the total size of the hair.

FUE should be selected when:

1. Continuing to shave his head or using a zero number from time to time

in those who want it.

2. In cases where a small amount of hair follicle is sufficient for the desired area, 1000-

1200 Units are counted as the FUE limit.

3. When old scars need to be corrected, this repair process is performed with FUE without creating new scars.

takes place.

4. Patients who are very young and have high skin elasticity tend to develop extensive scarring.

FUE is preferred.

5. If there is not enough donor source, it has been operated several times, especially with the strip method.

In patients, it is possible to remove up to 1000 more units with the FUE method without creating a new scar.

is happening.

6. Not having enough donor resources. Follicular Unit Extraction donor source

significantly expands its scope. In particular, body areas such as the chest and back for the transplantation process are also included.

used, this applies.

FUT should be chosen when

1. When a haircut shorter than 0.5 cm or number zero is never considered.

2. When the time allocated for the operation procedure is limited;

The FUE formula allows 600-700 Follicular Units to be transplanted per 4-hour operative session.

gives. 2,500 – 3,000 Follicular Units in the same time as FUT strip removal

can be transported. This is also why Follicular Unit Extraction is more expensive.

explains that.

3. If a thin scar disappearing in the middle of the hair has no value.

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