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Hair treatments; prp and hair mesotherapy

In cases of thinning and weakening in the physiological structure of the hair, the hair is strengthened by injections applied to the base of the hair. Hair mesotherapy and PRP are in the middle of applied procedures.

What is Prp?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) applied to the hair is the process of repairing the scalp tissue and the hair follicles in it by using the materials in your own blood. This method, which can be applied easily and gives effective results in a short time, is shown as one of the most adequate medical treatment techniques in hair loss.

How does PRP affect the hair?

The goal in PRP is to stop hair loss with rich equipment, to restore a healthy hair cycle and to strengthen the hair strands. PRP does not carry any risk of allergies and blood-borne diseases, as the person’s own blood is used in the process. The beautification process is very short due to the content. Tissue development begins in the application area, damaged weak hair follicles are repaired, and new, strong hair begins to grow.

How is PRP applied?

10-20 ml taken from the person to be treated. Blood is passed through special centrifugation and microfiltration systems and red cells are separated. Then, a strong plasma material is obtained from the cells called platelets or thrombocyte, which have a valuable role in the repair of white cells and the organism, and is injected into the bald area. Tissue development begins in the application area, damaged weak hair follicles are repaired and new, strong hair begins to form.

Who should have PRP?

PRP is a very pleasing application for both women and men. The formula is especially recommended to get maximum results from grafts placed after hair transplant operations.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy is the process of activating hair follicles so that they can produce healthier and longer hair strands. The superiority of Hair Mesotherapy over other classical drug treatments; is the topical use of drugs in small doses. The absence of the risk of side effects is the most important advantage of this procedure. Moreover, the results of this process are quite satisfactory.

How is Hair Mesotherapy applied?

In hair mesotherapy, drug mixtures selected in accordance with the purpose are injected into the skin in small doses locally, with special needles and a special technique. The drug, which reaches the capillary ends in the middle layer of the skin, shows its effect quickly. The applied product contains vitamins, minerals, special building block proteins, antioxidants and drugs that increase regional blood circulation.

How many sessions of hair mesotherapy are applied?

Hair mesotherapy can be applied 4 – 10 sessions depending on the need. This number is determined according to the level of damage to the scalp and hair strands and the rate of shedding. Session intervals are 7 – 10 days. The first positive developments begin to be seen after the 3rd or 4th session. In some patients, treatment can be continued with monthly continuation therapy. Average duration of action is 3 – 4 years. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that has no side effects and takes effect in a short time. Thanks to this way, blood circulation in the scalp increases, cellular proliferation and growth in hair follicles are rapidly stimulated, and the scalp reaches the required moisture level. The nutritional supplement also ensures the development of the protective keratin sheath of the hair strands. Since the process is done with very fine-tipped needles, not much pain is felt. After the process, the person is relieved with the application of icy pads.

How does Hair Mesotherapy affect the hair?

It is possible with hair mesotherapy to make the hair resistant to shedding and to protect it, to make it look more pleasant and to tighten the hair. Hair Mesotherapy is the best solution for those who complain about lifeless hair.

The first effect of mesotherapy is to stop hair loss. Whether male or female, for whatever reason, hair disorder is caused by nutritional and circulatory disorders in the hair structure. Hair mesotherapy stops shedding at a very high rate as it corrects the nutritional and circulatory disorders for a direct purpose. The second effect of the process is to improve hair quality. With the procedure, it is possible for hairs that do not die on the scalp, do not fall out, and look like baby hair, or thin hairs that stick together and fly into thick hair. In this direction, this effect is a valuable reference for many people who aim for the vitality and shine of the hair without shedding or dulling. The third effect is to remove the hair cells from the vegetative life. The formula stimulates hair cells that are unable to produce hair despite maintaining their vitality. With this function, even areas that appear to be balding can be activated. In hair loss, shrinkage of the hair follicle, acceleration in the life cycle of the hair and shortening of the growth phase (anagen phase) of the hair are the words of the word. In this way, the hair root is strengthened. While the regeneration process is prolonged, the shedding process and size decreases. Hair mesotherapy is a very valuable process in stopping and controlling shedding.

Hair becomes even stronger with supplementary treatments applied in addition to mesotherapy. Additional procedures (such as radiofrequency, hair laser, etc.) can be applied for reinforcement purposes together with mesotherapy sessions. External applications such as shampoo, tonic and oil can be recommended in addition. In particular, the use of a drug is necessary for androgenetic hair loss in men. For this reason, drug treatments are more effective in men whose hair loss has started recently (5 years), and in men who do not have frontal baldness and full baldness. Drug treatment should be done strictly with the advice of a physician and with drugs approved by official authorities.

Who should have Hair Mesotherapy?

Those who experience a lot of hair loss due to seasonal, stress-related, post-pregnancy or metabolic reasons, and those who complain of breakage, lifeless and dull appearance can benefit from scalp mesotherapy. In hair mesotherapy, fuller, voluminous and shiny hair is obtained by replacing the deficiencies necessary for hair growth and producing healthy hair strands. Mesotherapy is useful especially in “androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss)” where a shrinkage is observed in the hair follicle and shortening is detected in the “anagen active growth phase”, which is the formation and growth phase of the hair.

In hormonal and genetic hair loss, this procedure can be preferred as a supplementary treatment. The content of the mixture used in the mesotherapy application can be arranged according to the needs of the person. Hair mesotherapy, local / regional application, direct application to the tissue, all hair looks more lively and bright as well as stopping the shedding, lack of systemic side effects, small doses of the drugs used, effective use of the drug, application of the drug personally by the doctor, long, long sessions in the middle of the session. It is more advantageous than many methods because of its low number, high quality of results and low cost.

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