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Since hands are one of the most exposed areas to sunlight, the first signs of aging are

where it is seen. Procedures to rejuvenate the face, especially facelift

When it is done, the aging of the hands comes to the fore even more. There are various methods that can be preferred in hand treatments. A method can be applied alone or combined with others to achieve successful results.

The most common of the applicable treatments are chemical peeling, microdermabrasion,

sclerotherapy, injectable fillers and laser skin resurfacing.

Chemical peeling is applied to the skin by applying a chemical solution, peeling the upper layer of the skin,

implemented for improvement and correction. Depth of chemical peeling process

It is classified as superficial, medium and deep according to its level. Commonly used superficial and

medium depth chemical applications. Instead of deep chemical peeling, laser peeling or

dermabrasion system is preferred. Chemical peeling in the office environment

The fact that it can be applied and does not require operating room conditions increases its preferability.

After the chemical peeling treatment and in the middle of the session, sunscreen and moisturizer

should be used.

Microdermabrasion, on the other hand, is the treatment of crystal particles on the skin with a special system developed for application.

Spraying on the surface of the skin, with a strong friction effect on the skin surface, the problematic layer is removed.

peeling and then vacuum method of these particles together with the peeled dead skin.

It is a system of removal from the skin surface using The epidermis of the skin with microdermabrasion

layer is peeled off superficially in stages. Thus, the skin surface

issues such as pigmentation spot, scar, wrinkle, the effect of peeling according to the degree of the problem

corrects with. Cell renewal by increasing blood circulation on the skin surface while the process is being applied.

accelerates so that a lively, fresh and smooth skin emerges from below. Any skin surface

Although it is not a problem, applying it every year as a reasonable cure does not cause skin aging.

Provides a retarding effect.

Sclerotherapy, on the other hand, is a formula used for the treatment of the vascular landscape on the hand. In this method

A very thin needle is inserted into the vein and drugs that dry the vein to a small extent are given. This

Concentrated solutions disrupt the inner wall of the vein and cause the vein to close.

The closed vein is then absorbed by the body and destroyed.

Injectable fillers or collagen injections are used in the treatment of natural proteins obtained from living things.

is use. Volume in the wrinkle area by injecting the filler into the skin

Wrinkle lines are corrected by creating a young and soft skin with non-surgical treatments.

It is the choice of patients who want to obtain the image.

Although laser skin resurfacing is a new method, it has been developed quickly and is preferred.

a method that has been one of the Wrinkles under computer control with suitable laser device

It is used to remove and refresh the skin. A thin layer is removed from the top of the skin.

straightening and stretching the collagen tissue with a special technique at the same time

Wrinkles are eliminated. Younger after treatment, high ability to retain water

cells are formed so that the skin gains freshness and tension.

Before reaching all these steps, precautions regarding hand comfort can be taken.

and many works produced against stain formation can be found in the market. in hand cleaning

Prefer soaps that contain moisturizing or creams. dryness after washing your hands

If you feel like it, care for your hands by massaging with a moisturizing cream. same

Similarly, moisturizing the hands in sun and bad weather conditions is a valuable tool in hand care.

is a factor.

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