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Hand Surgery

Hands may lose their function due to congenital or subsequent influences, and their image may be distorted. Hand surgery is surgical operations performed to treat all mishaps that prevent or make it difficult to use the hands.

In these operations,

  • Coup,
  • Wound – burn,
  • joint problems,
  • finger disproportions,
  • Curvatures

And many problems can be solved.

How are the operations for the hand performed?
Operations that can be solved by surgical intervention on the hands for various reasons are performed with local or general anesthesia and microsurgical procedures, depending on the size of the operation to be performed. After solving the existing problem in the most appropriate form, arranging the hand form, making the necessary interventions on the joints and fingers, the incisions are closed and the operation is completed.

What are the Points to Consider Before Hand Operations?
Since the surgical operation in question is an operation, just like in other surgical operations, the use of drugs that dilute the blood should be stopped 1 week before the operation. In addition, tobacco and alcohol consumption is definitely inconvenient one week before and after the surgery. Because these consumptions may cause inconvenience to the successful operation of the operation and may affect the beautification process.

Post-Surgery Attention!
After all the operations performed under the title of hand surgery, it is necessary to pay attention to the beautification process. Because hands are an organ that we use the most and have the most moving joints. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful not to do the movements indicated by the doctor during the beautification process of the hands. In addition, if the use of dressings, painkillers and antibiotics is recommended, it is critical not to interrupt these drugs and dressings and to pay attention to hygienic rules. After the smoothing process, it is also valuable to perform hand exercises that your doctor will specify again for the hand muscles to recover.

During this whole process, it is necessary to consult a doctor in case of any mishap, not to hinder the doctor’s inspections.

In many hand surgery operations, physical therapy is as valuable as surgery and it is physical therapy that shows the success of the surgery and even furthers the result obtained. Because the upper extremity, especially our hand, as well as our arm, forearm, shoulder and lower extremity, our thighs, legs and feet are structures that move in harmony in which there are many joints, tendons, muscles and borders in our body and even words are insufficient to describe their superlativeness. It is impossible to solve the deficiencies, disorders, etc. of these structures that occur for any reason, with only one operation, and with a complete physical therapy that complements this, these structures can be restored to their former functions. Hand surgery is a science in its own right and is very broad. Here, besides briefly explaining the bets within the scope of hand surgery, I would like to talk about some special hand surgery operations that I particularly like to deal with.

The most important bets of Hand Surgery;

– Congenital hand anomalies

– Reinstatement of organs such as traumatic fingers, arms and legs with microsurgery

– Secondary problems due to trauma (tendon, joint, etc. issues or contractures due to burn trauma, etc.)

– Tumor Surgery (Extends to ganglion cysts and rare cancers)

– Congenital or traumatic Brachial plexus surgery

– Repair of tissue deficiencies This list can also be considered broader. As a hand surgeon, I am interested in dealing with all these hand surgery problems, especially in repairs that require microsurgery. I would like to briefly mention these:

– Finger transfers from foot to hand, which I think give the highest level of functional and aesthetic results in congenital or traumatic finger losses, especially the thumb.

– Functional muscle transfers using microsurgery to repair the movement deficiencies in the hand, arm and shoulder region in late period brachial plexus paralysis

– Tissue transplantations, which I think give the most functional and aesthetic results to solve the problems of limitation of movement in the hands due to tissue deficiencies after burns.

– Limb transplants that I mentioned in composite tissue transplants. In conclusion, Hand Surgery is a process that includes special surgical interventions, requires frequent follow-up after surgery and requires complex treatment methods.

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