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There is a subject that scientists have been working on for centuries: staying young and getting younger! In the 21st century, scientists are still working on this, but they have developed such a procedure that it has started to be called the new name of staying young and rejuvenating: Non-Surgical Face Lift with Thread Suspension Technique in Face and Length, namely Happy Lift.

Happy Lift is a new skin lifting, rejuvenation and 3-dimensional form-gaining procedure that has been developed in recent years and is frequently used in Europe.
It is an application based on the placement of specially produced threads compatible with human tissue under the skin with a cannula (very thin tube). In addition, it has been determined that this technique increases the quality of the skin and, in a sense, has the effect of cell renewal.

Happy Lift can be applied with faith in all patients, male and female.
With the sagging of the tissues, deep pits and wrinkles will begin to appear, showing an internal change in the abutment structure of the skin. Here, the aging process, which begins to be seen in the 30s, turns the “beauty triangle”, which is based on the upper part of the face in adolescence and 20s, but turns against time.

It is the key to a step back in time with the minimally invasive, short beautification technique that reduces the numbers at your age without major surgery or visible scars.
It is a method that can be used on the whole body, has a rapid recovery effect in the area where it is applied, is applied under local anesthesia, and provides treatment without removing the patient from social life. It has been accepted in plastic surgery as an alternative to facelift surgery, non-surgical face rejuvenation application.

Threads used in Happy Lift:
Absorbable threads are caprolactone, which is designed to stay on human skin longer than usual, is non-allergenic, has been used in many surgical operations for more than 50 years, and is a reliable tool.

It starts with cleaning the area to be treated.
Local anesthetic cream is applied to the area. During the application with local anesthesia, the cannula is used and pain is not the subject of the word. Application areas primarily depend on the decision of the physician. In general, it can be used on the eyebrows, cheeks, jawline, neck or the entire face.

The difference of the method from the classical facelift is that this application can only be made through small entrance holes.
Threads placed under the skin through these holes not only provide a mechanical support to your skin, but also trigger the skin repair process. Skin tightening occurs with collagen, elastin fibers and increased circulation. A 3D (three-dimensional) effect can be obtained with the technique used by your doctor. The application time is approximately 30-60 minutes. The person to whom Happy Lift is applied can go to his/her home the same day, after the process, without going to the hospital.

Happy Lift’s caprolactone threads generally disappear within 12-15 months.
Thanks to the double-sided barbs and fibrotic response in the rope used, the lifting and stretching effect continues after this cycle.

Results have been shown to last up to 3 years.
Non-surgical, thread facelift process; PRP can also be applied in combination with microneedling, focused ultrasound, botox and filling processes.

Are there any risks?

(Absorbable) Caprolactone Threads are strong threads that have been used in surgeries for years. No side effects have been observed in many applications and scientific studies. After the process, there may be swelling, bruising, tenderness and pain in the application area. There may be tiny dimples in the areas where the threads enter. All these changes regress in 3-5 days.

Who can apply?

You need to be careful when choosing your practicing doctor. It is useful to get opinions from plastic surgeons or dermatologists who have been trained in this bet.

*It is performed with local anesthesia.
* You can return to life quickly after the application.
* 3-5 days after the application, no symptoms remain.
* The threads used melt over time.
* It takes 30-45 minutes on average.
*The effect lasts for 3 years on average.
*Face looks younger.
* It can be applied to all age groups, men and women.

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