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Hip Aesthetics

Hip / Buttock Aesthetics Operations

Hip or buttock aesthetics is the general name given to the operations of shaping the hips to be more upright, obvious or smaller and flatter depending on the complaint.

How to Adjust Hip Form?
For the process of speech, the body limits of the person are determined first. The proportion of the body borders and the thinness of the waist and the roundness of the hips are determined compared to the leg structure, and the shape to be made in the surgery is determined by this method.

How is the operation done?
The operation in question is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on what kind of butt form will be made, the state of surgery is determined and applied. Necessary processes are performed and the operation is terminated by closing the incisions.

Which Formulas Provide Hip Aesthetics?

Hip aesthetic surgery is performed in 4 ways with surgical intervention. These;

  • Silicon placement
  • liposuction
  • fat transfer
  • Filler Injection
  • Silicone placement: This is the placement of a silicone prosthesis on the hips to create volume in the buttocks and make the flat state upright.

Liposuction: It is the known fat removal process. In order to shape, fat tissues are taken from certain points on the hips that are desired to be reduced.

Fat Transfer: This process is the injection of the fat taken from some points by liposuction into disproportionate and small areas. In this way, both proportion and magnification are provided.

Filling: By injecting the ready-made filling elements into the relevant area, volume and straightening are provided.

Are the Transactions Permanent?
The processes in question are not permanent or not compared to the technique used. For example, surgeries performed with silicone are permanent assays. However, filling issues, fat transfers, processes using liposuction and in this way, which are used for lifting and gaining volume or losing volume, definitely provide permanence for a while.

To Whom Can the Operations Be Applied?
Persons who are not inconvenient for the application vary according to the type of re-operation. Patients requiring silicone prosthesis should be suitable for surgical procedures. In other words, they are the patient groups that should not be inconvenienced in getting anesthesia. The same is true for fat injection and liposuction procedures. However, since general anesthesia is not required for the filling element, patients who do not experience allergic problems, who do not receive medication, who are pregnant or not breastfeeding are suitable.

Can These Operations Be Applied At Any Age?
Applications in aesthetic plastic surgery are more risk-free and successful in some age groups. Therefore, there is an age range. Because anesthesia, the effect of the process, the repair speed and strength of the cells under the skin for the healing of the wounds after the surgery are age-related.

The lower limit is the period of youth after puberty. Because body development must be completed, hormonal changes must settle and time must pass over these changes. In this case, wrong applications and possible risks are prevented. The upper limit is the maturity period, because at the age beyond this period, the patient loses his suitability for surgery, the surgery is not successful and the wounds do not heal. If we summarize these ages, we can define them as 30 – 55.

Can Complementary Treatments Be Applied With This Operation?
This situation is determined after the examination and after the butt aesthetics. If the new appearance is more compatible with the other parts of the body and a younger appearance is desired, aesthetic operations can be performed on the legs and abdomen. The main results in aesthetic surgery are more satisfactory, younger and give all results in combination treatments.

Are There Any Non-Surgical Hip Aesthetics Procedures?
Of course there is. However, since these procedures are non-surgical, the duration of permanence is low and should be preferred for non-severe problems. Some preferred processes are laser butt stretching, lifting and lifting processes. It will be a more real and effective analysis for us to determine the most suitable aesthetic analysis for you when you apply to our clinic and perform your examination.

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