How do I protect my hair?

In cases of thinning and weakening in the physiological structure of the hair, the hair is strengthened by injections applied to the base of the hair. Hair mesotherapy and PRP are in the middle of applied techniques.

What is Prp?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) applied to the hair is the process of repairing the scalp tissue and the hair follicles in it by using the materials in your own blood. This method, which can be applied easily and gives effective results in a short period of time, is shown as one of the best medical treatment methods in hair loss.

How does PRP affect the hair?

The purpose of PRP is to stop hair loss with strong material, to restore healthy hair cycle and to strengthen hair strands. PRP does not carry any risk of allergies and blood-borne diseases, as the person’s own blood is used in the process. The smoothing process is very short due to the content. Tissue development begins in the application area, damaged weak hair follicles are repaired, and new, strong hair begins to grow.

Who should have PRP?

PRP is an application with very impressive results for both women and men. The formula is especially recommended to get maximum results from grafts placed after hair transplant operations.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy is the process of activating hair follicles to produce healthier and longer hair strands. The superiority of Hair Mesotherapy over other classical drug treatments; is the topical use of drugs in small doses. The absence of the risk of side effects is the most important advantage of this formula. Moreover, the results of this process are quite satisfactory.

How is Hair Mesotherapy applied?

In hair mesotherapy, the drug mixtures selected in accordance with the purpose are injected into the skin in small doses locally, with special needles and a special technique. The drug, which reaches the capillary ends in the middle layer of the skin, shows its effect quickly. The applied product contains vitamins, minerals, special building block proteins, antioxidants and drugs that increase regional blood circulation.

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