How is acupuncture applied?

Every person has acupuncture points located on the same place anatomically on his body. Depending on the disease and complaint, certain points are selected and a warning is sent by inserting a needle or heating with special sticks called moksa, or by giving a laser beam or low-dose electrical power. Stimulation of these special points causes some chemical changes in the body and provides a beautifying effect.

In the regional classification, the most common types of acupuncture used in the clinic are ear and body acupuncture, among different notions such as head, face, nose, hand, foot, ear and body acupuncture.

In the needle technique, disposable sterile needles made of steel, gold and silver in the thickness of hair hair are inserted into the determined points. Although the length of the needles varies according to the area used, it changes on average 0.5-8 cm in the middle. The depth and direction of needle insertion also vary according to the characteristics of the point. Needle treatment is easily used even in children, and it does not cause any pain or ache, except for a slight stinging sensation similar to a fly bite.

In ear acupuncture, weekly permanent needles with a length of 1.3-1.7 millimeters can be placed in the treatment of obesity and weight loss.

The leaves of a plant of Chinese origin called mugvort (Artemesiae Vulgaris) are used in the treatment of moxa. The acupuncture point is heated and activated by attaching these dried and sticky leaves on the acupuncture needle or by burning the tip on the point without being attached to the needle. There is no risk of burns when it is done by a competent person.

In laser acupuncture treatment, it is treated by giving power to the acupuncture point with a laser beam. It is especially preferred in young children where needles and other procedures cannot be used.

In the electroacupuncture procedure, a low-intensity electric current is applied to the points in a form that creates a tingling sensation, and the point is stimulated. The effect can also be increased by connecting the points to each other with electric current.

Application sessions vary depending on the type of disease, the duration, the presence of several diseases at the same time, and the age of the patient. It is mostly applied as 1 or 2 sessions per week. The total number of sessions varies in the middle of 3-30. It can also be applied in a single session to relieve the pain experienced in acute situations such as severe menstrual pain, migraine attack, post-operative pain.

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