How is baldness in men and women classified?

Baldness is not something that happens all at once, and it definitely starts with hair loss that spreads over a period of time. Moreover, this process works differently in men and women. Accordingly, we hear the term male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss. Well, what is male pattern hair loss and what is female pattern hair loss? The answers to these two questions will also show us the classification of baldness in men and women.

If we start with female pattern hair loss, under normal conditions, 85% of this type of hair is in the growth phase and 15% is in the resting phase. However, if the hair is falling out and the new hair is not growing, it means that baldness has started.

In both female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss, certain conditions are observed and stages are definitely covered. The classifications made point to this.

When we look at hair loss in general,

In the 1st stage, hair loss has started, but the person does not know whether this situation is reversible or whether it is a permanent condition.

When the 2nd stage is passed, the clarity has progressed and in case a specialist is consulted, valuable treatment applications and preventive studies have started. At this point, women apply to specialists more than men because they show more care. Since male pattern hair loss means a real receding hairline from the forehead, women experience more panic.

For stage 3 women, menopause is about to lose their hair. Usually, hair transplantation is decided at this stage and it is seen that the shedding that comes to this point is more in women who wear headscarves. When it comes to the 4th stage, a fairly advanced hair loss is a matter of speech. It is called progressive hair loss.

It can also be considered as a stage where medical treatment does not respond and progress continues. According to the last classification, the 5th stage is the last stage of progressive hair loss. When it came to this point, there was no response to the treatments and tests such as prostheses and wigs were applied. While hair transplantation can be an analysis, this does not apply to every patient. At this point, treatment options are also extremely limited.

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