How is mesotherapy applied?

The process of injecting amino acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins into the middle layer of the skin, sometimes alone or by mixing them with each other, is called mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is one of the most natural and effective formulas applied for both skin and hair.

The selection of the injected elements varies according to the problem area, application purpose and person. The content is decided entirely according to the needs of the patient.

For example, if mesotherapy is to be applied for baldness and hair loss, appropriate vitamins and minerals are injected; Different ingredients may be required for a brighter skin or to remove blemishes.

How is mesotherapy applied?

First of all, after the patient is examined and his need is determined, local anesthetic cream is applied to the area where mesotherapy will be applied. After the area is numbed, the mesotherapy solution, which contains the contents that the person needs, is injected into the middle layer of the skin with very fine needles at obvious intervals.

In mesotherapy, which is usually performed at 1-2 week intervals according to the needs of the person, the number of sessions is usually 4-5 sessions, but sometimes it can vary depending on the situation.

In order for mesotherapy to be successful, it must be applied by experts in the field.

In Which Situations Is Mesotherapy Applied?

Mesotherapy is a treatment technique that can be applied in many different areas. Particularly applied areas:

Skin aging, wrinkles and sagging,

spot treatment,

skin cracks,


regional lubrication,

Hair loss,

Under-eye bruises and under-eye bags,


sports injuries,

Vitiligo (pigment deficiency in the skin)

acute and chronic pain,

Fibromyalgia issues

To Whom Mesotherapy Is Not Applied?

There are some situations where the application of mesotherapy is inconvenient.



breastfeeding period

Patients with a history of stroke (stroke)

Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (diabetes)

cancer patients

Those with blood clotting disease

Urticaria patients

People with heart disease requiring more than one drug treatment

What Should Be Considered After Mesotherapy?

What to do before and after mesotherapy will be conveyed in detail by the specialist.

A person who will have mesotherapy application should not use a drug with blood thinning effect, such as aspirin, before and after the application.

It is valuable for the first 10 hours not to touch the treated area after the mesotherapy session. After the mesotherapy process applied to the skin, make-up should not be applied until the beautification process is completed.

The area where mesotherapy is applied should not be itchy. No pressure should be placed on the area. The area should not be touched as much as possible so that the area does not become infected. Hands should be washed before touching the area.

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