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I (Nevus) Removal by Surgery

Moles are dark-colored formations on the skin that spoil the aesthetic appearance. They are seen more than once in black, dark and light brown colors. They occur due to the collection and clustering of melanin under the skin for various reasons. Flat mole, flesh mole and moles that are seen as voluminous can be removed with various methods. However, the most healthy and scar-free method is the removal of moles by surgery. Moles are not removed only to relieve aesthetic fuss. It is valuable to take moles in order to take precautions against malignant spots that may occur in the future. For this, the most accurate guidance will be made by your doctor.

For this reason, medical examination is very valuable for stains on the skin.

How is I Removal Surgery Performed?
Removal of nevus by surgery is carried out in the course of a surgical process. The problematic area is removed under anesthesia and the nevus removal area is sutured in an aesthetic form.

In order to remove the moles, a large incision is made to surround me. The cut mole skin module is removed and the operation is terminated with sutures.

To Whom Can Nevus Removal Surgery Be Applied?
The mole removal operation can be applied to women and men who have mole problems and who do not mind taking anesthesia.

  • Situations that may pose an inconvenience to the operation in question,
  • Pregnancy
  • breastfeeding baby

It can be drug therapy and diseases. You need to go through a doctor’s examination to get the truth about this issue and learn your suitability for the operation.

Is I Removal Surgery Risky?
If the operation in question is performed on patients who are suitable for surgery, there is no risk. But there is only one thing you need to pay attention to. This issue is that the doctor who will perform the operation is definitely performing mole removal surgeries. Experience is a valuable criterion for this surgery.

Is There Any Trace Left After Nevus Removal Operation?
After the mole removal operation, minor scars may be the subject of speech. If there is a scar after the operation and the remaining scar is disturbing to you, you can see scar and stain treatments after the mole removal surgery has improved and the operated tissue has completely recovered. These scar and spot treatments are laser scar and spot treatments. But it is valuable to consult your doctor for this bet.

What are the Points to Be Considered After the Surgery?
After nevus removal surgery, you should strictly follow your doctor’s instructions. Apart from these, as after any surgery,
protect yourself from the sun
Bringing the operation area into contact with water and chemicals
It is valuable not to neglect the dressing and the ointments recommended by your doctor.

Is I Removal a Permanent Process?
Certainly. The removed moles are completely removed by cutting with the surgical system, so it is impossible for the same mole to appear again. However, due to some reasons that create moles, new moles can be seen in other regions or near the operation area. This situation is not related to the success or permanence of the operation.

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