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I Removal (Nevus Excision)

The process applied to get rid of moles that appear on the obvious parts of the body is called mole removal or Nevus Excision with its scientific name.

About Me or Nevus

An increase in the density of the melanin pigment that gives the skin its color and skin lesions in the form of raised nodules on the skin are called moles. It is mostly regionalization on the face. However, it can be seen in the arms and back, legs and even in private areas. The harmful UV rays of the sun are also effective in the formation and reproduction of moles. It plays an active role in environmental factors.

Treatment of Moles

It is possible to get rid of moles with surgical or laser treatment procedures.

Laser treatment is suitable for small or spot-shaped moles. In moles removed with laser treatment, a brown flaking is seen in the mole area after the process. After 3 – 5 days, this flaking falls off and leaves its place to pinkness. The pinkness also passes over time and smooths out without leaving a trace. In large moles, light pits similar to chickenpox scars may occur on the skin. The mole removal surgery is performed in practice under local anesthesia. Mostly, moles are removed with an elliptical incision, and then the area taken is sutured with fine threads. The stitches naturally dissolve. Then, a slight pink scar occurs in the related mole area, and this scar becomes obscure within months. If the removed moles are deemed necessary, they can be sent for pathological examinations.

What is I Afraid and Are There Damages?

Most moles are good-natured. They often constitute a cosmetic burden. But as the years pass and the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time, a change in the mood of moles becomes inevitable. Conditions such as excessive growth, wound formation, bleeding and color change begin to be seen. It is seen at a significant level on light-toned skin. For these reasons, it is necessary to remove moles. Moles are prevented from being bad-tempered and aesthetically pleasing is achieved. That’s why I abort is beneficial and healthy.

Smoothing Process After I Removal

The mole removal process takes a very short time and does not require dressing. It does not affect the daily life of the individual. After the mole removal process, flaking, which will last for 3 days, and then a slight pinkness are seen in the mole area. Subsequently, this pinkness becomes compatible with the skin color and becomes beautiful without leaving a trace.

Does Abortion Cause Cancer?

There is a belief that persists in society. It is widely believed that there is a risk of cancer because the knife is struck after removal. However, if the condition and resolution of moles is not done on time and the truth is not subjected to surgical treatment, it can cause significant health problems. If the truth is not done, the risk of cancer may occur. However, the process should be performed by specialist physicians in an absolutely correct place and the removal process should be applied. Moles that turn into cancer can be benign or malignant. This situation is determined by the pathological results after the operation.

Note: The most valuable item in mole removal is that no part of the mole is left in the body during the operation. This situation should be taken care of.

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