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Recently, a patient of mine made an appointment for epilation. He came to my room and began to tell about his grief. The hair on his legs had thickened, and as if that wasn’t enough, hair on his chest had also started. While speaking, I paid attention, my patient’s voice was also a bit thickened, his facial skin was oily. Black dots were noticeable even from the front. I looked at the document, two years ago there was no sign of such issues. He also gained some weight in the middle. He told that he could not lose weight even though he was on the regimen. It was clear, it wasn’t just an ordinary epilation issue…

We do not take those who demand permanent hair removal without question, without a plan and without a program. Because hair growth is the result of a very complex system. For example, hair growth may increase in the body during pregnancy, hormonal disorders and cortisone treatments, or as a side effect of some drugs. In such discontinuous cases, treating the hormonal imbalance can largely eliminate the problem and reduce the need for permanent hair removal. Because after the drugs are stopped, everything returns to normal. However, in long-term cortisone treatments, hair growth can sometimes reach very disturbing dimensions. In such cases, we may consider continuing epilation on the one hand.

The problem of my patient I mentioned above was a disease called “HIRSUTISM”. Typical symptoms of this type of hair growth; In addition to hair growth, lubrication of the skin, increase in acne, decrease in hair, milk coming from the breast, tendency to gain weight. In the advanced stages, masculine symptoms such as deepening of the voice, increased muscle structure, enlargement of the clitoris and reduction of the breasts occur. The hairs on the face, abdomen and chest become thicker.

The true cause of this disease is unknown. However, 10% of women experience this problem in their productive age. One of the reasons we know best is “polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)”. A lot of hair growth is due to an increase in the male hormone androgens (usually testosterone). Sometimes, a heavy diet with red meat can disrupt the hormone stability in favor of male hormones.

Problems that can cause excessive hair growth:

▪ Menstrual irregularities

▪ Polycystic ovary syndrome

▪ If the hair growth develops suddenly and very rapidly, TUMOR is suspected.

▪ Some tumors cause hair growth by secreting DHEA or CORTIZOL.

▪ High level of PROACTIN


▪ Sometimes hair growth may increase during PREGNANCY.

▪ TOO WEIGHT can cause hair growth by disrupting the hormonal stability

Hair growth shows different characteristics depending on genetic factors, race and ethnic characteristics. Mediterranean women have longer hair. On the other hand, Native American and Asian women, and blondes in general, have less hair growth. Family background and how hairy previous generations were is also a determining factor.

If I go back to the beginning, the increase or decrease of hairs are not ordinary events. Aside from hair loss, no one complains about hair loss. But if the hairs are growing and getting thicker, things change. It is definitely necessary to go beyond cosmetics, to do a series of research, to find and reveal the reasons.

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