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Ingrown Nail Treatment

Ingrown nail (ingrown nail), known as “Onychocryptosis” in the medical literature; It is a problem of nail growth by sinking into the skin. It is a very painful and painful condition and can become chronic if left untreated. It is generally seen in the big toes and it can be seen in all toenails.

What are the Causes of Ingrown Nail?

  • Ingrown nails (ingrown nails, ingrown nails) can occur for many reasons;
  • False Nail Trimming
  • Incorrect Pedicure Procedures
  • Shoe Selection
  • Inadequate Foot Care
  • Pregnancy
  • Excess Weight
  • Diabetes
  • Pressing Problems
  • Heavy Sports Activities

Ingrown Nail Treatment Methods
Different systems are used in the treatment of ingrown nails. These;

1 – Nail Wire Application: It is one of the most used methods in the treatment of ingrown nails (ingrown nails). It is an easy, practical and non-surgical method. Apart from ingrown nails, it is also applied with the aim of correcting the deformities of the nails. It is a painless and painless system and takes a few minutes.

2 – Disinfecting the nail tissue by removing the part of the nail that penetrates the skin.

3 – Nail Surgery: It is the surgical removal of the ingrown part of the nail, up to the root, together with the nail tissue. It is not preferred by patients because it requires surgical operation.

4 – Total Removal of the Nail: It is a very old way of treatment. It is a method that is not used much today.

5- Tape Application: It is the process of removing the ingrown nail with special tapes produced in various sizes in order to be compatible with different nails. The most valuable feature of the bands applied in the treatment is that they have a springy structure. The tapes used are strong in water and difficult to spot. It is a fast and easy application. It is a formula that is also used to remove deformities in nails.

6 – Ingrown Nail Treatment with Laser: Along with the developing technology, lasers are also used in the treatment of ingrown nails. Ingrown nail is treated with bed plasty performed on the nail bed using laser systems. Individuals who have ingrown nail treatment with laser can continue their social life within a few days and complete smoothing is achieved at the end of approximately 1 week. The possibility of recurrence of stinging after laser treatment is almost non-existent.

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