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Is hair transplantation a painful and painful application?


Hair transplantation, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications of today, improves the bonds of women and especially men with their surroundings, increases their self-confidence and increases their quality of life.

One of the most curious questions about hair transplantation, which creates valuable changes in a person’s life and appearance in a short time, is whether hair transplantation is a painful operation. Whether there is pain during hair transplantation and whether the operation is a painful process is one of the most valuable issues of individuals who want to have hair transplantation.

So, is pain felt during hair transplantation?

Everyone has different reservations at the stage of deciding to have a hair transplant. Many people who are sensitive about pain and pain are reminded of the question “Will I feel pain during hair transplantation?” “Is hair transplantation a painful process?” or “Does hair transplant hurt?” questions are put.

Performing hair transplantation in the company of physicians, in the most suitable environment and with the latest systems, is very valuable in terms of the smooth operation and successful outcome. Since the hair transplant operation is performed under local anesthesia, the person does not feel any pain or pain during the hair transplant period.

Is pain felt after hair transplantation?

The pain that may occur after the hair transplant operation is so mild that it can be relieved with daily painkillers given by the physician, and almost all of the patients who have had hair transplant quickly overcome this process without suffering.

There is almost no pain after hair transplant operations. While 85 out of 100 individuals who had hair transplantation did not experience any pain complaints after hair transplantation, 15% stated that they felt a slight pain and that they could easily overcome this feeling with painkillers.

Even in people with a very low pain threshold and a more sensitive body in this regard, the process works exactly one to one, that is, hair transplantation operations performed by an experienced physician in a carefully preferred center can be quickly and painlessly overcome.

Get Pain-Free Hair Transplant with FUE Formula

FUE technique is recommended as the most effective way in hair transplantation by physicians who are professional in the field of hair transplantation.
With the FUE technique, which is a much newer hair transplantation procedure than the FUT system, individuals who have undergone hair transplantation can regain their original appearance without pain and suffering.

FUE Head (Punch)

Since the FUE Formula is applied without an incision, there is no random scar and the person does not experience pain or pain from the incision, as in the FUT formula. Painless hair transplant operations can be performed with 0.7 – 0.8 mm micro punches used in the FUE route.

Anyone who has had a hair transplant done in the right environment with a professional team later states that “they have been postponing the hair transplant, which they had been planning for a long time, for such a long time unnecessarily, and they did not feel any significant pain or pain during and after the operation”.

Is pain felt during Local Anesthesia?

In order to ensure that individuals have a painless, painless and comfortable operation during hair transplantation, the hair donor area of ​​the person should be anesthetized at the beginning of the operation. During this process, which will be done in the form of local anesthesia, very thin needles are used and the element applied to the skin may cause a short periodic, slight burning sensation in the individual.

Although the burning sensation felt in this process varies according to the individual, an adult can easily tolerate this burning sensation that lasts for a few minutes.

Minimal Pain with Dental Needles

Today, individuals with needle phobia are also reluctant to have a hair transplant on the grounds that they will experience pain and pain, but with the innovations in the Medical World, the pain that occurs during local anesthesia has been minimized thanks to the special dental needles used in local anesthesia applications, fine needle tips and fast application.

Dental fine needles used in hair transplantation

Easy Assay Against Needle Phobia: Sedation

For individuals whose fear of needles has become a very important phobia, hair transplantation is not very difficult and not far away. “Sedation”, which is a method frequently preferred by individuals with needle phobia, allows the person to get through the needle phase without any thought until the donor area (donor area) is anesthetized. The sedation application with sedative drugs is based on the principle of putting the person to sleep for 10 to 15 minutes. Sedation, which should not be confused with general anesthesia, is to put the person into SHORT-TERM AND LIGHT SLEEP without affecting vital reflexes such as breathing. In general anesthesia, the vital reflexes of the person who is put into deep sleep, such as the airways, are provided by the machine.

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